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From the choices provided after each sentence select a word or phrase that would correctly complete the sentence. Submit the form using the SUBMIT APPLICATION button at the end of the exercise. Your score will be returned to you in a few seconds.

1.  Those are probably the ___________ curtains in the store.
most fanciest

2.  Uncle Carl is really ______________________ man.
an old sweet
a sweet, old
a sweet old

3.  The Karmen-Ghia used to be _________________ sportscar.
a fine German
a German, fine
a fine, German

4.  Everyone was home for the holidays. What could make for ___________ Christmas than that?
a merryer
the merriest
a merrier

5.  They grew up in ___________________ house in Mexico City.
a comfortable, little
a little, comfortable
a comfortable little

6.  Diehard is the ____________ movie I've ever seen.
most excited
most exciting
most exciteable

7.  Tashonda wanted to take a course with _____________________ professor.
that interesting new Japanese economics
that Japanese interesting, new economics
that interesting, new, Japanese, economics

8.  Of all the mechanics in the shop, Jerzy is surely ______________ .
the less competent.
the least competent.
the competentest.

9.  In the fall, the valleys tend to be ___________ than the hilltops.
more foggier

10.  My cold is definitely _________ this morning.


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