Grammar as Teacher
Seven Liberal Arts
Münster Church
Frieburg, Germany

Professor Ayers Bagley of the University of Minnesota maintains a delightful Web site he calls the Virtual Museum of Educational Iconics, a treasury of ancient representations of the pedagogical arts. Among the photographs of artifacts are several depictions of Grammar — nine centuries' worth — accompanied by Bagley's lecture called "Grammar as Teacher." The image to the left is one such artful icon, Grammar as one of the "Seven Liberal Arts," a thirteenth-century sculpture found in Münster Church. Notice that Grammar has a pretty good hold on the ear of one student and is holding a hefty cudgel that could whack the split infinitives and dangling participles from between the ears of any young and stubborn head.

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Grammar as Teacher

We have created this hyperlink and used this image of Grammar with the permission of Professor Bagley and the University of Minnesota.