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Career Development and Placement Center

Room 209 - (860) 906 5108

Students are encouraged to be involved in career planning activities from the beginning of their studies at Capital . The following are suggestions for students based upon the number of semesters you have been at the college:

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Capital Career Links

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An internship is either a paid or non-paid, part-time or full-time job, in an area related to your studies. Some internships offer academic credit and others are non-credit.

Internships greatly enhance your learning experience and your marketability in the job market. Students who choose to do an internship have an advantage when seeking employment because they have a proven track record in the area they wish to be employed in. In addition, they gain feedback from experienced mentors who can also provide letters of recommendation.

Career Development Resources

  • Informational Interviewing
    Learn why, when and how to conduct an informational interview.

  • Resume Writing
    Learn how to write an attractive resume, view sample resumes and cover letters and download MS Word Resume Wizards.

Help is a Phone Call Away...

  • Education and Employment Hotline
    (860) 566-8118
    Not a placement service, but a valuable clearinghouse of information
  • Job Search for Health Care - Job Search Management Software and Databases
    (800) JOBS-123, extension 100
  • Corporation for Health Education Careers
    Provides consultation services for career planning in the health professions.
    Contact Rose Sgarlat Myers, PT, Ph.D, CAE, President at (800) 305-CHEC
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