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For Marylynn

. . . til the end of the world

Charles Darling acknowledges with gratitude the editors of the following publications, in whose pages these poems have previously appeared, sometimes in slightly different versions: Aethlon: The Journal of Sports Literature, Appalachian Heritage, Blueline, Blue Unicorn, The Christian Century, The Clockwatch Review, Creeping Bent, Cumberland Poetry Review, Embers, Galley Sail Review, Greensboro Review, Jeopardy, Kansas Quarterly, The Laurel Review, Mildred, Nightsun, New CollAge, Northeast Magazine, Northern Review, North Dakota Quarterly, Orphic Lute, The Pennsylvania Review, Poets On, Samisdat, South Florida Poetry Review, South Coast Poetry Journal, Sycamore Review, Tar River Poetry, and Wind Magazine.

"Sleepwalker," "In the Airport Baggage Claim," and "Husband Raking Leaves in Late November" first appeared in Yankee Magazine.

"July 11, 1864" appeared in Volume Two of The Texas Review's 1988 anthology of New England poetry.

"Tying Knots" first appeared in Tendril Magazine.

"On Not Renting Shane" first appeared in the Tenth Anniversary Celebration volume of Hearthstone Press.

"Stick-Figures" first appeared in The Black Warrior Review.

"The High-School Band Director Conducts `The Grand Canyon Suite'" first appeared in The Cimarron Review.

"Granville, New York: The Museum of Natural History," which first appeared in Blueline, was also published in The Anthology of Magazine Verse: Yearbook of American Poetry.

He also acknowledges the assistance of friends in his poetry group, without whom these poems would not be, nor would there have been such joy in their making: David Holdt, Elizabeth Kincaid-Ehlers, Susan G. Lukas, Drew Sanborn, and Rennie McQuilkin.

The Saints of Diminished Capacity
Written and prepared for the WWW by
Charles W. Darling
Professor of English
Capital Community College
Hartford, Connecticut 06103

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