New York (AP) — A woman who was bouncing on the bed of a New York City hotel plunged to her death from the 20th floor when she bounced out the window, her husband told police.
#Police said Sylvia M__, of Montevideo, Uruguay, was found dead early today on the sidewalk outside the Taft Hotel in downtown Manhattan. Her husband, Bruno, 29, explained she had been bouncing on the hotel room bed and accidentally bounced right through the window, police said.
#M__ was held for questioning, police said.
Ah, my bed-testing Goldilocks, my grasshopper,
my mistress of resiliences, my kangaroo,
my Sylvia of Uruguay!

This was no common ecstasy,
the perfect blend of weight and weightlessness,
the summery height between spring and fall,
the body leaving common sense behind.
This was an innard-wrenching, breast-bobbling bounce,
the kind you'd want to launch yourself to find
the final, kindest mattress of the earth.
But you also left behind poor common Bruno —
to whom all bounces, more or less, feel much the same,
to whom wife-bouncing seems a casual sport,
who never leaves but by the room's right side.

Ah, Bruno of Montevideo,
when we have to tell the common truth, we lie.

# # # #