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In the space provided, write the proper form of the irregular verb named in parentheses after the space. Either a simple past or a participle form of the verb will be required. (Don't write more than one word in each space.) The TAB key will take you from one space to the next. When you've filled in all the spaces, click on "Submit Application" and the computer will grade your responses and provide correct answers (in red) where there are any mistakes.

Last October we (to swim) in the lagoon, out where the old freighter had (to sink). We (to ride) our bikes to the park and Bobby (to lead) us to Bristle Cove where we (to dive)* off the rocks into the cold water. It (to be) late in the season, but the water had not (to freeze), and we (to wear) wetsuits.

He (to fly) to Vancouver in September. (He (to choose) to fly United Airlines, which had (to run) ads all that summer.) His granchildren had (to grow) up there and he hadn't (to see) them in years. He hadn't (to write) to them or (to speak) on the phone with them either. At the Vancouver airport, he (to drag) his suitcase to a rental car and (to drive) to their home to surprise them. He (to take) his time walking up the driveway, and then he (to ring) the doorbell.

Juan (to lie) on the couch and his sister (to sit) on the floor nearby. Gordo, their hairy dog, (to shake) himself violently and Juan (to rise) from the couch. "I (to throw) the frisbee to this mutt all morning," he (to say). "And we (to run) around the park twice, and he still wants to play."

*More than one answer could be correct for this one, but the computer will recognize only one answer. See your dictionary.

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