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Quizzes labeled "Practice Exercise" or "Additional Practice" are taken from the ancillary materials for Sentence Sense: A Writer's Guide, by Evelyn Farbman, and are used by the Guide for Grammar and Writing with the kind permission of the book's author and the publisher, Houghton Mifflin.
When the highway flood 1. , many cars were strand 2. in the knee-deep waters. As workers tryed 3. to clear the storm drains, impatient drivers wait 4. and engines overheat 5. . When it was discover 6. that a water main had breaked 7. , repair crews were immediately send 8. to the site. However, it was still many hours before they were able to repaired 9. the pipe. It was even longer before the waters receded 10. and the highway reopened 11. . When the exhausted 12. commuters finally neared home, they could hardly wait to get out of their cramp 13. cars.

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