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Of the three sentences in each group, select the one that is NOT a sentence fragment. Submit the form using the SUBMIT APPLICATION button at the end of the exercise. Your score will be returned to you in a few seconds.
Quizzes labeled "Practice Exercise" or "Additional Practice" are taken from the ancillary materials for Sentence Sense: A Writer's Guide, by Evelyn Farbman, and are used by the Guide for Grammar and Writing with the kind permission of the book's author and the publisher, Houghton Mifflin.
Although it was snowing harder than we had ever seen it snow before.
We decided to leave before it got any worse.
The tread on our snow-tires, after all, not what it used to be.
Snow piling up on my neighbor's roof.
He decided to use a snow-blower to blow the snow from his roof.
However, how he ever expect to get the snow-blower up on his roof.
After doing a superb job of keeping his driveway clear all winter long.
Mostly because he was afraid of what his neighbors would say.
Luis just gave up on it this time.
It's always pleasant to look out at the snow while it's falling.
Mrs. Burke wondering how she would ever clear the sidewalk.
When the snow finally began to taper off in the late morning.
Brenda said she always prefered snow to rain.
These blizzards getting a bit ridiculous though, she added.
Because snow-removal is so costly to large cities.
Sometimes snow-plows gettting to the back streets two days after a storm.
The citizens were getting quite angry.
By the time the snow plows get here, they shouted.
Connecticut getting its share of northeastern-type storms this year.
My neighbor says he leaving for Florida soon.
Since he hasn't saved a dime, I wonder where he'll get the money to move.
Handicapped people affected the most by this snow.
Getting out of their cars and negotiating sidewalks a real problem for them.
Handicapped parking spots are often covered by several feet of snow.
To earn some money over the semester break.
Charlie spent $20 on a new snow shovel.
Although it seems to have stopped snowing suddenly.
As long as we don't lose our power in the night.
That's what worries me.
Sick of this weather and worried about his aging mother.

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