"Cold Comfort": Sample Cause-and-Effect Essay

When you click on the title of the essay, "Cold Comfort" (below), an article by Michael Castleman will open in this space. The article explores the causes for the crisis of antibiotics becoming ineffective through overuse -- and some of the effects of that development. It is also a call for action -- asking readers to change their habits in light of the fact that physicians apparently won't.

"Cold Comfort" is reprinted here with permission from the March/April 1998 issue of Mother Jones magazine, ©1998, Foundation for National Progress. Mother Jones has a long, distinguished history of investigative journalism, and we recommend it to all students interested in writing (regardless of their political orientation) as a model for lively and well crafted prose.

As you read Mr. Castleman's article, you will discover we have embedded clickable icons within the text that, when clicked on, will open frames below pointing out various features of the article. We suggest you read the essay through once, and then go through it again, clicking on these icons. Click on the title below to have the essay appear in this frame.

“Cold Comfort”

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