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  • Typical Business Letter
          Proper address form (from the U.S. Post Office)
  • Office Memorandum
  • A Basic Resume*
  • Cover Letter to Go With Resume*
  • Thank-You Note After Interview*
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Meeting Minutes
  • For help with addressing envelopes and creating salutations, etc., for people holding various social, political, religious offices, we refer you to a Website maintained by BrainBank.

    *The resume, cover letter, and thank you note are adopted from those listed on Capital's Career and Placement Center's home-page. Users can find a great deal of useful advice on the writing of resumes, etc., at that site.

    Notice to Teachers and Writers:

    If you have a document that you would like to see listed among these documents, [E-Mail Icon]you can submit that document as an attached file (using e-mail address cdarling1@ccc.commnet.edu) along with permission for us to use it on this page, and we will post it here and give credit to you. We are interested primarily in business-type models.