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for January 1 to June 1, 1998:

Lee Kai Seong 1/10/98

I am very satisfied with a great deal of related English references in your web site . I personally will say that it is one of the best English web sites in the web .

Ruth J. Rowell 1/12/98

As a marketing professional, I sometimes need a refresher or a quick "check" on something. I'm glad I found your site.

Lesley Hoppert 1/14/98

I am helping set up a site for the Online Writing Lab at the Community College of Denver. I ran across your site while surfing for inspiration and for useful links. It's an excellent and very usable site.

Melodee Mercer 1/23/98

What a wonderful Web-Site. I was looking for a site to help some of our employees with grammar questions. I'm sure it will be helpful for them, as well as enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the Gettysburg Address exercise on parallel structure. Your hard work on this is obvious. Thanks so much.!!!

Pang Hang 1/24/98

Just wanted to test to see if it'll send.

Winston 1/29/98

This is truly an invaluable web site and tool for people who want to study the English Grammar. Truly belonging to the top 5% of web sites. May this site grow bigger!

Mary McGilvery 2/2/98

Just found your site. It looks like it will be a really good resource.

Heather HILTON 2/5/98

Just a note to say that your website (which I discovered via hyperlink at the Eurocall site) is excellent. I teach a form of rudimentary English "stylistics" to French students of English (University level), and will now send them to your site for confirmation of the guidelines I give them for good writing in a foreign language (concision, coherence, simplicity). Keep up the good work!

Hery Cahyono 2/5/98

This site is very interested...keep on working.


Simcha Saul 2/9/98

I loved your page. I will put a link from my homepage to your page. I teach in Los Angeles and have a place for teachers and students to get educational resources.

Jil M Sekula 2/10/98

This is about the tenth time I have visited this site, and this time I wanted to be sure to let you know that this is really a great thing you've got going on here. I have reviewed this site for countless college class assignments, in addition to linking to it from my website "GrammarLink", which is a listing review of good sites in the web. This site earned my #1 award and I just wanted to say thank you for putting this useful tool on the web. Keep up the good work!

Pam Jones 2/12/98

You've managed to improve on your fine previous format. I love the winsome new graphics. I also noted with pleasant surprise that you had accepted my (and probably several other readers') suggestion to include the various forms of AWAKE and WAKE UP,etc., in "Notorious Confusables." I would also like to suggest a couple of my favorite grammar and vocabulary Websites to which you might want to add links. I'll include them in another e-mail. Thanks for "listening" (reading??), and keep up the good work.

Henrique Pereira 2/12/98

Congratulations for building such wonderful site.

nancy hurst 2/16/98

gina 2/17/98

I am just fascinated by this site and the wonderful contents it provides. At the present Iam working on a proposal to expand our esl international transfer program and from now on I plan to visit you since it does inspires me. I will also encourage my esl estudents to visit the site. Please contact me and give me some more information about other learning activities to be used in this site,for instance,do you provide chat services and moderated discussions?

Mike "hacker" Klosterman 2/20/98

you site provides me with some excellent surfing materials. dunkashon

jenni gores 2/23/98

I learned so much from this thing. thank you so much for making learning fun!

Tracie Washington 2/24/98

I am happy to find your website. I am an English language lover and sometimes I have questions regarding proper English. I am so happy to have found you. Thanks!!

Tracy Cosgriff 2/25/98

This web page is an invaluable source for teachers and students! The explanations are clear and concise. I'm bookmarking it for reference! Thanks!

I. Kulier, PH.D. 2/27/98

I would like to mention two things; design (which is excellent) and content of course. How would be possible to link with you..Our WEBSITE "Healthy Food & Nutrition" from Croatia..Thanks

Jens Gort 2/27/98

I want to thank you for the great response on the infinitive, gerund question I posted on Feb.26. It was of great help.

Mrs.Wilson 3/1/98

Thanks to the creators of this site. It is a wonderful and most useful addition . I am encouraging all of my family members and all of my students to study this site daily.

C. Carney 3/2/98

I teach history at the junior college level and have been looking for a resource to help students write better papers. This is it! I've made sure this site is accessible to all our students through our computer lab. Thanks for an excellent site.

sara tijerino 3/4/98

I was looking into this tools, to see If there is any help for me. As ESL writer my skills are not great yet. I am more improve. Sara

Stephani 3/8/98

I recieved your address through homeworkheaven.com. It looks to have excellent resources and tips for aspiring writers, like me :). The format is appealing and informative. As a media specialist, I will surely pass your address on to students, teachers and the general public. Thanks for all the info.!

Dan Licata 3/9/98

I like this web page. Please send me updates.

Kerry Soviero 3/9/98

Hi, Please send me new info you may have to assist me in teaching ESL students. Thank you. Kerry Soviero 3rd grade teacher Dual Language program


Robert E. Gossett 3/10/98

Thank you so much for an excellent web page. I am a technical writer and always need reference information. This has been a great source of information for me and my colleagues.

Karen Sours 3/17/98

Thank you for a wonderful website! I am homeschooling my son and your site is a great help! If I need information I know just where to look. I will be back often as we are going to homeschool again next year! :)

Doughhead 3/21/98

Hi, I just wnat to say THANK YOU!! This site is really helpful especailly for peoople like me whose first language is not English. I really appreciate to see this site online, and it's totally FREE!! Thank you again, and I'll tell my friends to come and use this site!!

Sharon 3/22/98

developing communication skills "who" will result in effective.... I know that who is supposed to be replaced by that because communication skills are inanimate but what is who? a relative pronoun? what is that? also a relative pronoun or a demonstrative???

H.P.ChandraShekhar 3/23/98

Really happy to browse this site. I foundout what i really wanted. I told few of my friends to go through that site.

Elli 3/26/98

What a wonderful and helpful site you have here! Being a Literature Major (returning to school after a 5 years absence) your site has really helped me get back up to speed. Your site is clear and organized so well, I can always find exactly what i need, quickly. I have bookmarked it on all my computers!

Don Taliaferro 3/27/98

Dear Sir: I have "bookmarked" your site for my children and me. I would have been a much better student in English had I had your resource. As an attorney, I find that "word smithing" is vital in getting my point across to uninterested and disinterested parties. Sincerely Don Taliaferro

Joe Glaser 3/28/98

Great site. I'm adding a link to it in the web site for my book Understanding Style, Oxford UP, due out in July. Let me know if that's not ok. Thanks.

Helen 3/31/98

An excellent site for learning English!

Kady Krouch 4/9/98

I find this Grammar on-line page to be one of THE BEST solution to all my perplexities regarding grammar and writing. Thank you--for the thorough effort that was place on it. The quizzes are remarkable and very helpful. As for the creativity, it's interesting becuase it contains varieties such as flowers, famous people and funny pictures. I am touched by the writer(s)' explicit explanations and his or her knowledge regarding each topics. I've always enjoyed the way words can be manipulated into all kinds of imageries; therefore, this grammar's work of art has enlightened me more than words can say. :)) @}-->-->---

Pauline Lui 4/12/98

I liked your grammar page very much. It provided quick, useful information in an organized, coherant fashion. As a college student, I find this page invaluable. I also like the quizzes!! They are a wonderful idea to test one's knowledge of the english grammar.

Raymond Chan 4/14/98

It is a very excellent site for me to promote Information Technology in my school's Open Day. If you have any sites about Education or Learning , please send them to me , Thank You. Regards, Raymond Significance of a ideal life.

Mary Boscia 4/15/98

I am Homeschooling myn son and found your link. This is great stuff. It will help emensenly in teaching English. The quizzes are a great way to chek on his progress. They have also shown me where I need to improve.

PJ Savage 4/16/98

Want to use this site for instruction!!! I teach in an Opportunity School which serves students referred by their administrators who may graduate with our services, but probably will not using traditional education. I am impressed!!! I teach English 9 - 12. Does anyone know of a site where papers can be submitted and someone other than myself will critique them for students. Or, another alternative a paper exchange with other students?

Lisa Baxter 4/16/98

Hey - Whoever (whomever?) oh, yeah...who is always subjective and whom is always objective... this is a really neato website and youns (I'm from western PA.) should be rilly proud of it an' 'at.

S.Mosqueda 4/16/98

This is a pretty good site for being educational.

Le Thoi 4/16/98

This is one of the most highly educational site I ever ran across on the Web. Learners and speakers of the English language at all levels can benefit. Keep up the good work! Le Thoi http://www.webcom.com/tutorial

leon@poetry.demon.co.uk 4/17/98

Your web pages are a delight!

Lucy MacDonald 4/18/98

I am delighted to see the depth and scope of this site. Thanks for the fun anomalies! I will share this site with other faculty. Currently I am teaching a compostion class online and students are looking for online resources, such as yours. Lucy

Bob Leonard, Executive Director 4/22/98

Enjoyed your site. Can you please let me know how you are using this? Is it something intended for students to use or interactive for students? I have a technical question, have you determined a way to directly "download" this information into my brain?

Ellen 4/25/98

You site is just wonderful! I'm beginning to get back into academic writing again, and this site has been so helpful in getting me "back into shape" . Thank you so much!

Cheryl Norris 5/11/98

Great resource--Thanks!

Ian Urass 5/14/98

The guide to essays was excellent. It really was impressive.

Mariah Moraes 5/17/98

It is been a plajor using your amazing web.Thanks and congratulations!!!!

Theresa Alafita 5/20/98

Just wanted to thank you for a great web site. As a literacy volunteer, I've used this site to help my student both learn grammar and practice using a computer. It's been enjoyable for both of us.

John Lye 5/22/98

I have just been visiting your pages, and I love them -- a real service, very attractive and well done. I have put a link to your page on the page for the English Department and Communications Studies Program her at Brock. -- http://www.brocku.ca/english/jlye/index.html#links -- John Lye, Associate Professor

Chris Smith 5/22/98

I discovered your site from the weekly Scout Report today, and just wanted to say: this is amazing. As a writer and technical junkie, I know content and style quality when I see them. Way to go. Chris Smith

Roseann Miller 5/26/98

Great information website. Will book mark as a valuable resource.

Denise Fung 5/30/98

Dear Sir, Hi, do u remember me? I've just received my result of TASP. And I failed it again. Could u give me some suggestion for my reading part. I really don't want to fail it again. Pls tell me. yrs student Denise

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