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Marie Boldt  11/1/99  11:51:18 AM
   This site is pretty neat! It gives us something to do during our english period. I think you should make some interesting and FUN grammer games for teenagers like me to be able to play. It would make this site really fun to go to. Thanks for listening!

Jessica Williams  11/2/99  9:45:01 PM
   The Information which was put on this site , should be in others I think that this is a wonderful site for people with problems thankyou.

Kathy Ylöstalo  11/3/99  4:04:46 AM
   Hello! I am currently giving private English grammar tutoring to some University students in Oulu, Finland, and I have run into a question, which I am not sure how to answer. We were just discussing subjects and objects, and one of my textbooks stated that every simple sentence has both a subject and an object. If this is true, then where is the object in the sentence: "Jimmy walks regularly." Can the object of a sentence also be the object of the preposition? Thank you for your help!! Sincerely, Kathy Ylöstalo

Mike Keasler  11/3/99  12:14:49 PM

Jamie Heffner  11/3/99  3:09:04 PM
   I am trying to find information about teaching modeling to students. If you can help me, please do!!!! Jamie Heffner 7/8 grade LA teacher

Amanda Hipp  11/3/99  3:45:16 PM
   Ms. Kieby, I was here to do research on my comparison and contrast english paper.11/3/99 at 3:34pm.

William Allen  11/4/99  6:44:50 AM
   I teach at a high school in upstate New York, and I'm finding your website to be indispensible. All of our vocabulary work, at least for the seniors, is done here; and the grammar pages certainly inspire me to achieve the impossible with these students. I am just starting to use the Power Point presentations, and, again, with the seniors, they work well.

Sincere  11/4/99  9:56:54 AM
    This site is pretty good. It helps me a lot with my school work and projects and et. I like it a lot, it's real phat. Keep it up.

Peter O'Doyle  11/4/99  10:22:37 AM
   Well, I got on this here computer and expected to get edumacated, but it just turned out to be a big waste of my time. I thought you people knew what you were talking about but I guess I'm not thinking good no more. If you guys are supposed to be teaching us, then I feel bad about our futures yeah, and one more thing: O'Doyle rules!

Liza Martinez  11/4/99  10:28:44 AM
   It is a good program.

Alana Irlbeck  11/4/99  3:58:44 PM
   I love Ameerica!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EMMA BARRACLOUGH  11/5/99  8:08:41 AM

zhong dong chen  11/7/99  2:25:07 AM
   I think that this site is extremely boring.I think that some measures must be taken to improve its standard

Guy Behanna  11/9/99  1:05:43 PM
   Good job! This is the best online grammar reference that I have encountered to date!

CANDICE BERGON  11/9/99  2:25:50 PM

Krista Jasper  11/10/99  12:46:05 AM
   Excellent site. I am developing a list, of helpful site, for my students. This one is on my list. Pet Peeve - people WHO in speech and in writing using the word "that" when referring to people. Example: I like to interact with people THAT like Shakespeare. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to state my grievance.

Sebastian Musche  11/11/99  3:06:47 AM

Tricia (W.K.)  11/12/99  1:04:10 PM
   I haven't really figured out how to use this yet but I do like the guestbook, I like to see what everyone has to say. I just got my internet account at Buckeye Career Center in New Philadelphia, Ohio, and I would like to say to anyone considering a vocational school Buckeye is great!!! It is so much better than my home school (New Phila). Once I learn more about the internet, I believe the school year will get more interesting. To everyone who knows me, good luck in all you do and stay in school. To all my best buds, keep cool and stay out of trouble. Peace I'm Out.

Phil Reynolds Jr  11/12/99  1:25:48 PM

DAVID BOWIE  11/12/99  1:28:46 PM

THOMAS, RICHARD  11/12/99  1:37:17 PM

Phil Reynolds  11/12/99  1:57:39 PM

Maria Henriksson  11/12/99  4:54:46 PM
   I just couldn't believe it! What a superb site! From now on I'll use this place to practice English with my students.

Marsha Hummel  11/14/99  10:02:41 AM
   My English professor directed me to this sight. It's the best sight I have came across on English. With his help, and the sights help, I will master my first year in English. Thanks Darling

concerned readers  11/15/99  2:43:04 PM
   In your powerpoint presentation on clauses, you neglected to mention the conjuntion FOR although you named all the others. Please fix this error.

GANESH  11/15/99  4:10:33 PM

Jeff  11/16/99  9:23:42 AM
   This is a neat website!

Julie Cullen  11/16/99  11:06:40 AM
   I think this is a good website for people to come and learn many things about grammar, and plain old English!

Carolyn Larrivee  11/16/99  11:08:07 AM
   I like the quizzes.

Ce-Ce Calhoun Jr.  11/16/99  7:42:27 PM

mike stasny  11/16/99  10:01:42 PM
   how do i write work cited pages i dont know how help! please....... anyone... can you hear me........? oh wait.......... this is just a guestbook.......right sorry my fault ps. i would still like to know how to write work cited pages please

BubbA  11/17/99  2:19:00 PM

eric igloo zink  11/17/99  2:26:44 PM
   i love english i think it is the best thing since duct tape

Betsie Nielson  11/17/99  7:36:43 PM
   I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU for your wonderful site. I am a high school English teacher who hates the drudgery of teaching grammar, but you have made it sooooo much easier to teach! I love the online quizzes and I LOVE the powerpoint presentations - keep them coming. I am lucky to teach at a school that has pretty good technology and I have been able to use your powerpoints for my class using the overhead LCD projector. Students would much rather see those than my boring notes on the board. I think they're learning a lot more!!! Thanks!

Olivia Paff  11/19/99  6:08:28 PM
   Cool site, recomended by my english teacher. It is on her web site

Kathleen Belanger  11/19/99  6:23:50 PM
   I teach at a university, and am dismayed by bright students who write so poorly. Your site is a Godsend. Thank you. I hope I can encourage them to use it.

Cathie  11/20/99  10:39:48 AM
   I have been looking for a starting point to take my writing from a hobby into something more permanent. This is a great site.

Sigve Holmen  11/20/99  5:51:16 PM
   When do whe use the comma in the English language compared to the Norwegian?

S. Kistler  11/20/99  6:12:17 PM
   A wonderful resource! It is extremely helpful and informative. Thanks for creating this website :)

Dante Dayron Kelly  11/22/99  1:28:59 PM
   I have a true problem with LIE and LAY. Also, I have a problem with SET and SIT.

dr vincent maher, iona college, ny  11/22/99  10:33:19 PM
   what a tremendous find!! i intend to supply all of my students with the url for this site
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Thorne  11/23/99  12:14:45 PM
   This is the most outstanding electronic grammar resource I have ever seen! Bravo!
Michael Thorne
English Resource Teacher
Shady Grove Middle School
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Miranda Beall  11/23/99  3:06:35 PM
   I have been looking and looking for a site like this. I am teaching my 15-year-old grammar (because the schools don't seem to be doing it), and I wanted in addition to the books and workbooks we are using a Web site to which she could refer. This is wonderful! I am the managing editor of a publications group for a NASA contract, and have I been feeling isolated! The customers for whom I do work just do not understand why it is important to make the changes I suggest. Sometimes I have to get out a grammar book and educate them.

evan king  11/23/99  8:44:23 PM
   It would be nice if it were easier to find certain subjects like plurals.

Web_minion  11/24/99  11:15:32 AM
   Excellent site, thought it was great.

Patrick  11/27/99  2:04:30 AM

miss: m.s.  11/30/99  10:15:47 PM
   God, thank you for making this possible for me. Keep up the good work. Thank you, thank you for helping me. miss: m.s.

Carolyn  11/30/99  11:06:48 PM
    Your website is wonderful. I found it through "Ask Jeeves." Like that much of the information is in Powerpoint presentatioins.

Yelly from Edgewood  12/2/99  12:02:32 PM
   Hi, I just want to say that this is an excellent page for everyone! I also want to say hi to anyone in Wisconsin! Take care! Love always, Yelly

maria  12/2/99  12:03:26 PM
   this is a good program

Ryan Berry  12/2/99  12:04:31 PM
   Student at Edgewood High School just looking around the site for an English class.

Katie  12/2/99  12:12:39 PM
   This is a great site. I hope you know how wonderful it is. Tell all of your friends. Katie

Craig Clauson  12/2/99  7:44:54 PM
   A wonderful resource for my students. Thanks so much for your effort and generosity.

Johann Lohrmann  12/3/99  2:39:41 PM
   Is it incorrect to use two prep's together without a prep phrase? J Lohrmann

Mark Cheng  12/4/99  3:15:02 AM
    I'm a Hong Kong Primary 6 student. I like this website very much. But I think it is too difficult for me and for another students in Primary. I hope this website can be easier and I can read it easily. Thank you!

Ivan Sim  12/5/99  12:34:19 AM
   I find that this web site is very useful to those who want to improve their English. Thanks for all making all the materials in this site free and available to everyone.

Altan ALANSU  12/6/99  10:57:18 AM
   My teacher asked me to write a composition about English Grammar.How can I start to write it? Can you describe the parts of grammar with subjects of it?

nacho  12/6/99  3:08:47 PM
   I want to now about past simple and past progresive

J. Ignacio G.R.  12/6/99  3:12:49 PM
   This area is very good, I like search many things in this page . Really I`m fascined. Good Bye

cartones  12/6/99  5:09:59 PM

Marianne Hart  12/6/99  5:19:25 PM
   I intend to add your web page to my student's resource file. From my high school classes to my GED students, they will all be required to visit. Thank you for a very thorough site. :)

 12/7/99  10:27:04 AM
   Stephen hunt

sKY gAETA  12/7/99  1:36:49 PM

cathy yeh  12/7/99  11:00:19 PM
   Thank you for affording many useful materials about English learning and teaching, and let me improve myself and my students.

Lynn Davis  12/8/99  11:17:31 AM
   Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Elegant, effective, and fun.

alyho#hop#uo#hop8  12/9/99  9:50:34 AM
   what is the difference between simple present and present cont#nuous?

Rhianna  12/9/99  10:15:37 AM
   Nice job on teaching kids how to spell...I am a student at NMRHS and I think I know how to spell but whatever.MRHS rulz Hockey, cheering and all other sports!!

T.J. Green  12/9/99  12:43:12 PM
   no comment, very boring website

William C. Redmon  12/10/99  5:07:12 AM
   Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. God bless the use of the Internet for such resourses.

Trisha  12/13/99  6:50:38 PM
   I visit this site regularly. Especially in English period classtime. I think the site is extremely helpful in my English. Thanks heaps!

Letisha  12/13/99  6:57:38 PM
   Hi! I think this site is quite interesting. It also gives me something to do during my English class. Thanks a lot!

Krissy Canopy  12/14/99  3:53:25 PM
   Hey everyone. ohs is the best school in the world and english is way cool. Hello Mr. Walsh!

Lana Brown  12/14/99  11:13:05 PM
   great web page. good for me to study my midterms. it will help me alot. thanks

heather  12/15/99  10:19:58 AM
   its cool, but maybe you should have links 2 related topics

Deborah L Jordan  12/15/99  5:21:05 PM
   I havefound myself after being married 18 years having other people to edit for me now I must. My spelling, grammar, is not what it should be. I am trying to learn windows98 as well as typing. I have had ten major surgeries dealt with cancer, in June 98 was told I had bi polar only to ose my husband friends who were to be my best friend. So now I am having to start over. I know that all things are possible.With the grace of God, I will do all that I need to do. Thank you, for having this site. Deborah

Carlos Hernández  12/16/99  10:42:02 AM

Terry, Jason and Mike  12/22/99  8:27:26 AM
   This site helped improve our grammar skills. We are glad we have used this interactive quiz site. It's pretty cool.

Herbert & Bertha  12/22/99  8:50:50 AM
   Grammer rocks man! Me and my husband just love a good grammer lesson! We know good grammer when we see it! Wahoo!

Gerry Rodriguez  12/27/99  9:21:15 PM
   Great website! Very thorough info. just for the clicking!

Michelle Brammer... Indianapolis, IN  12/28/99  9:44:25 PM
   I'm having trouble finding the definition of a passive voice verbal. I know that a verbal is an infinitive, participle, or gerund where the verb is used as a noun, adjective, or adverb. I also know that a passive voice verb is the verb form when the action is being done to the subject. Even with that information, I can't put two and two together.

Astridgato  12/30/99  11:25:16 PM
   Thank you very much for this grammar sight. If it was not for this, my school project would have been horrible. This sight has everything and more. I am very glad this sight was made. Thanks you again. :) Astridgato