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alexander  1/3/00  9:00:43 AM
   I am using the Grammar Guestbook and I think it might be extremely useful for me.

Jen and Vicky  1/3/00  9:39:34 AM
   hey, i love this website! it is realy cool but u need to put some more fun games and better happy faces and sun shines! write back cause we will be upset if u don't darling!
<3 Jen And Vicky

Mary Anderson  1/5/00  2:37:32 PM
   This is THE best grammar site I have found. I use it for my freshman comp class and find that it is much more user friendly than the comments I put on their papers at 1 or 2 in the morning. Thanks for the fabulous work.

TONY PHILO  1/5/00  4:00:58 PM
   I think that this page is interesting, and helps you learn more on nouns and the ways they can be used.

tommygirl8311579  1/8/00  6:15:17 PM
   it turns out the test is on tuesday so im safe so i was like on here for nothing o well bye

Dow O'Brien/ Dana Point, CA  1/9/00  3:15:45 PM
   Thank you so very much for your help! I'm suffering through the flu -- but must revise my Advanced College Writing essay TODAY for class tomorrow. I scoured two grammar books regarding a "conjuction" question I had, but they were no help. I then took a chance with the computer, turned to the search engine Ask Jeeves, typed in "Is it grammatically correct to begin a sentence with a coordinating conjunction?", and in two minutes, I found you -- and had my answer! (Yes, it's OK.) Again, thank you! I think I'm feeling better already.

Stephen David Geisser  1/10/00  12:39:58 PM
   This is a very lovely site. I would recomend this site to anyone who would like to be smart and learned about grammar

Tom Allwood  1/11/00  2:01:36 PM
   once again i am astonished by the amazingness of this lovely site of learning i think it is grand that kids can go to a site and learn instead of going into filthy pornographic website it's dispicable what they have on those sites

Lucas Freudenburg  1/12/00  9:03:16 AM

mike hunt  1/12/00  11:02:58 AM

Bradley Cormier  1/12/00  11:09:28 AM

Nicholas Carroll  1/12/00  11:10:31 AM
   very fun

MARTIN LEWIS & TJ&RYAN  1/12/00  11:10:38 AM

Melanie Murphy  1/12/00  11:11:00 AM

Adam Miller  1/12/00  11:11:11 AM
   good website


DIYA EDDIN AL-MUZFFAR  1/13/00  6:17:13 AM
   It is helpful. I want to do much quizzes. dnhdd@firstnet.com.jo

~*~Kerry Anne Lang~*~  1/13/00  6:04:10 PM
   Hopefully, now knowing that it is here (thanks to my English teacher Mrs. Williams), this site will help me with studying for English in the future and help me to understand things better. :) P.S. Lowndes Academy is the best school ever !!!! (Too bad you can't show sarcasm when you type.) :)

Bud  1/14/00  1:05:23 PM
   its cool!

Sue  1/14/00  10:44:09 PM
   I am teaching English as a second language, to my children. We have been homeschooling since the fall; and your site has been a blessing and inspiration. I am highly recommending it to all homeschoolers. Thank you for the great site. If I may suggest to add more explanations and worksheets for all levels; from beginner to College levels.

Eileen Blas Schaefer  1/17/00  6:25:03 PM
   This is a great site! Now I know where to go when I have questions about grammar. Keep up the good work.

graham and ian  1/18/00  8:09:18 PM
   grahamar ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anastasia Lazenby  1/19/00  9:54:21 AM

Gus schroeder  1/19/00  12:52:39 PM
   hi my name is August Schroeder, i'm a junior at waverly highschool, and my girlfriend graduated last year. I just wanted to let you know that you are a very awesome. Keep it real

TRACI NEEMAN  1/19/00  12:54:07 PM

Troy  1/19/00  12:54:56 PM

steph  1/19/00  12:55:24 PM

Danielle hannagan  1/19/00  1:22:04 PM
   hey, this is danielle and i wanted to say that your web site rwealy helped me through writing thax a bunch

john  1/19/00  9:19:29 PM

john  1/19/00  9:23:59 PM

 1/19/00  11:30:35 PM

Chan Man Tai  1/19/00  11:31:41 PM

Lilian Wong  1/19/00  11:38:56 PM
   This homepage is very useful. We can improve our English grammer. The powerpoint is very interactive and the quizes are so good for reviewing the topics, so we can get a clear concept.

 1/20/00  4:13:57 AM

Sir  1/20/00  4:18:37 AM
   What is "Delay nomore"?

Calvin LOk  1/20/00  4:21:29 AM
   Very good for most level of student!

Annie Sit  1/20/00  4:26:43 AM
   I am so grateful that i can find this web site about english and many resources about writing skills and grammar so that we can get lots of informations and help us to learn more english.

way too cool  1/20/00  12:17:53 PM
   this sight is way hip

silent bob and jay  1/20/00  12:29:33 PM
   This sight is quite possibly the most grammar correct sight i have ever been to!****************

gap chic  1/20/00  1:39:09 PM
   this is sooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!

ur4me*girl  1/20/00  1:40:45 PM

anf*gurl  1/20/00  1:46:18 PM
   this is a really cool thing:) the quizzes are THE BEST!!!!!!!

Michael hubert Gentel  1/20/00  2:32:20 PM
   This is a very good site. My mom and I have fun looking at it.

Gene Turner  1/20/00  4:12:40 PM
   I think this site is terrific!!

DAVID G. PERKINS  1/21/00  12:26:22 PM
   Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You.

Annette A. Penney  1/23/00  10:53:33 AM
   What an amazing resource!!! (err, is my sentence too short?!) haha I have just recently returned to university after being out of school for 20 years and couldn't possibly have written any of my papers or book reviews without this resource. Thank you for putting it together, I'm sure I will use it for years to come :>)

Francisco Ceballos  1/24/00  1:51:08 PM
   I liked a lot you webpage. I am a Mexican laywer who are applying to some universities for a master in law. I need some help in writing my statement, because I don't know about rules for statements or essays. Could you send me some information about that? I will appreciate your help. Thank you.

tom isner  1/24/00  11:27:01 PM

Dorothy Ryan  1/25/00  4:37:30 PM
   This site is a gem. I'm directing all my first-year writing students to it. Perhaps I'll make it a mandatory assignment to review the site. I think the quizzes are fun and might go further than any lecture in making students aware of their needs. The links are great, too. In the guestbook section, it would be nice to have a link back to the main page. Thank you.

Goodwill  1/25/00  4:37:47 PM

Charlie Chambers  1/26/00  12:24:16 PM
   Thank you so very much for the help; I need all the help I can get.

Laura  1/26/00  4:21:19 PM
   hey! thank you very much for making this website. It have my english exam coming up and i am going to use this page to study. Thank you. Without this site i would be lost

Sharon  1/26/00  5:03:31 PM
   I was looking at your web page and found it very interesting I don't have a G.E.D. and would like more information about how I can get one. Your Page was very helpful :) Thanks

Aaron Wong & Maccann Yeo  1/26/00  11:06:00 PM
   We find your site extremely informative and helpful

Nathan Parker  1/27/00  8:58:20 AM

Espana, Erika  1/27/00  2:50:20 PM

Knight, Kim  1/27/00  2:51:19 PM
   Hello, it was great!

Jimmy Bob  1/28/00  10:54:56 AM
   This is a very interesting site. I like it : ) .

Matty Barten  1/28/00  10:57:06 AM
   I like your site a lot. It is very great. Cul deel.

tessa, mary, julia  1/28/00  2:24:23 PM

sally  1/29/00  10:09:39 AM

petronida del socorro pan agua  1/29/00  2:14:11 PM

Heather Neuenfeldt  1/29/00  9:01:11 PM

Elizabeth Julian  2/2/00  11:58:37 AM
   Wow!!! I'm impressed. I'm currently sitting in a software training session, and my mind has wandered...and my fingers to web. I teach Business English at a technical institute and was wondering what was on the web regarding grammar. Your site is wonderful!!! I will encourage my students to visit this site for additional resources. By the way, I love the diagramming section. I haven't seen diagramming in years. Thanks for all your hard work. Keep it up!

Justin Pendergrass  2/2/00  2:58:26 PM
   This site is awesome, DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!

holly brouillette  2/3/00  4:23:48 PM

dan doody  2/3/00  4:31:28 PM

Zach  2/3/00  8:18:29 PM
   I think this is an execellent site that holds an abundant amount of information. You have put forth a laudable effort to appease the need for grammar. I will recommend this site to many others.

Mavis  2/3/00  8:35:49 PM
   Look, bud. Your web site is the best grammer website I have been to for a while. So good job and keep up the good work dude!

Tanya Schwertfeger  2/3/00  9:45:13 PM
   I am just dropping by for a peek. May check back later for some of the helpful hints.

Robie Webb  2/5/00  3:36:07 AM
   This is the best. In the 8th grade, I learned to diagram sentences; fifty years later i couldn't find anything about diagraming sentences until I hooked up with this site--wow! a Porwerpoint sentence diagraming presentation! But the best part is the fact that I can send students to this site, and they can find what they need in a palatable format. The only problem is students whose computer literacy is limited. YOU'VE executed my idea--far better than I could have--thank you. RWebb

Mary Mattison  2/6/00  2:34:47 PM
   I am a correctional teacher. My boys are hungry for books and knowledge. The budget is tight and I need to find resources for them. Could you help me. I need books, pictures, supplies for language arts classroom. Could you help me?

OmegaWolf  2/7/00  12:38:15 AM
   Thank you for providing such an extensive and in-depth page on the many aspects of writing. It has been very helpful to me. I will be sure to come back whenever I am in need of some writing help.

Lisa and Jackie  2/7/00  8:23:47 AM
   This needs improvement! but its ok....

Rick Price  2/7/00  10:04:03 AM
   An excellent resource for all writers. I recommend it to students, fellow writers, and department leaders.

Nadine Saulnier  2/7/00  10:12:42 AM
   The quiz was very good, I did very well. Like before the web site is very good practice for up coming tests. It's also very good help if you're not sure of certain things.

TANER BAHT-YAR /TURKEY  2/7/00  2:10:24 PM
   I celebrate you for giving such a wanderfoul page...Thanks

K ira E. Burns  2/7/00  8:46:30 PM

kim bo kyung  2/8/00  3:35:06 AM

Chris Brackett  2/8/00  7:39:14 AM
   I think this is the best web site on the net!

anthony maestas tvi alb n,m.  2/8/00  5:14:04 PM
   looking of easy saying for spelling words or tricks

joe  2/8/00  6:00:16 PM

boby boy  2/8/00  6:05:05 PM
   I like to learn a lot

Stacie Coughlan  2/9/00  10:37:28 AM
   I did Quiz 85. I thought it was a bit hard; there was some that I wasn't sure about the answer. It was still a good practice. I had 9 errors and 71 correct answers. I find that this web site is very useful for research and quiz. This is a wonderful site! Thank you! Stacie

john huy  2/9/00  1:27:54 PM
   i hope this helps me pass the class test

outkast  2/9/00  1:29:58 PM
   great job 2:01:52 PM

Runfang  2/9/00  4:54:38 PM
   Very clear, user-friendly design! Thank you!

 2/9/00  7:03:43 PM

Cyndi  2/10/00  11:23:20 AM
   I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this site - Thank you! Unfortunately I should have paid more attention during english class, but I always assumed grammar was a way for adults to torment children. Now that I'm an adult, I realize how important good grammar is (especially in the business world). Again, thank you for taking the time to create this site! FYI - there is a typo on the page explaining the parts of a sentence. Instead of can not, it has cannnot.

ANDREW  2/10/00  11:58:20 AM

Ardis Roman  2/10/00  4:10:29 PM
   Is the word internet a proper noun, i.e., is it capitalized? Is the word web, when used in computer terms, capitalized? Is Web site two words or one (Website)?

Rose vidrine  2/11/00  2:12:32 AM
   i found alot of stuff on this sight im going back to scool and i forgot alot of stuff and it hepled me alot. the only thing is i wish i could find a page to print verbs and all the other things that i do not remember thanks Rose Vidrine prairie_girl_99@yahoo.com if you can tell me where i can find them please e-mail me the add.

Brittany  2/11/00  3:36:09 PM
   You should have more games.

Dagmar A. - from Switzerland  2/13/00  10:34:56 AM
   This is the exact type of learning tool I've been looking for, to help me with my science project. Thank you very much for having created such an informative web-site.