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Here is the Guestbook for The Guide to Grammar and Writing
for 16 February 2000 to 1 April 2000:

Nicole HANSET  2/16/00  3:30:49 PM
   Thank you wholeheartedly for this wonderfull site. I am frenchspeaking and ,though I speak English fluently,it remains very hard for me to write in this language. With the help of this site ,I am learning so many usefull things. A really great gift and tool for people who love the English language but cannot afford tuitions for a more academic education. Greetings from Belgium, Nicole

Joanne Darling  2/18/00  12:11:23 AM
   Thank you for a wonderful site. ...and designed by a darling, too!

Armin Kuder  2/18/00  9:20:05 AM
   A wonderful and useful site. Thank you.

Joanna Hill  2/18/00  11:41:28 AM
   This is a really great site where kids can learn and also find help with writing and grammar. Keep it up!

Scott Matlovsky  2/20/00  1:26:52 AM
   I have an old version of Harbrace somewhere in the house...the closet?...the garage? This site was great to find. Thank you all, and I will return soon!! Sincerely,
Scott Matlovsky
Sonoma, California
P.S. The Internet is wonderful!!

Aimin  2/27/00  3:49:02 PM
   This one really helps! i enjoy it! and i've got what i want to get about English here Thank you!

Unknown  2/27/00  9:05:14 PM
   Hi, I would like to tell you that your site is very good but the thing I don't get is why are they so hard. I am in college and some of them are still hard for me!!!! Really, even though i am passing with flying marks in my English course! I would just like to tell you to make them a bit easier! thank you

Melissa VanHoose  2/28/00  10:41:38 AM

Lori Rogan  2/29/00  5:44:00 PM
   It is so nice to see an easily accesed resource to brush up on my grammar skills. I am a 41 year old college student and your web site promises to be a regular destination for me.

Snakes SWOTL  3/2/00  3:05:38 PM
   my best firend is a tree named flappities he sure knows how to listen. anyways ure site is great and since i was bored with flappities and i was on the web and found ure fun site! I have to show flappities this awesome site. Maybe he can play against me in your fun games. BYE BYE

Kristin  3/3/00  10:13:20 AM

Debra Walls  3/3/00  1:05:08 PM

DAW  3/3/00  1:06:56 PM

Félix Sánchez-Román Jimémez  3/5/00  8:11:40 AM
   A wonderful site. Greetings from Madrid (Spain)

Ron Povey  3/5/00  10:37:44 PM
   Keep up the great work! ronpovey@home.com

d.dabaasyren  3/6/00  6:59:25 AM

Bryan  3/6/00  1:41:13 PM
   Bry2213@hotmail.com I just wanted to say that i like your sit i go to an all-boy christan school and i have a Grammer Comp. Exam today and this really helped me. thanks

Kenneth  3/7/00  6:39:02 AM
   This is THE wurst page ever!

Bradley Squires  3/7/00  11:44:16 AM
   I think this program is so stupid. I think the quizes are done wrong

Brian Schauer  3/8/00  2:03:57 AM
   My compliments to all involved in putting this site together. I've been a technical writer for 12 years and just finished my first novel. Yes. I still fuss over this grammar stuff. I was extremely happy to find this extremely sensible and practical grammar reference. This site rules, man. I'll be back.

Sri  3/8/00  7:24:53 AM
   THis site is really great. I found exactly what i was looking for for my english project and i searched practically every grammar site that i could think of. Thank you once again for creating a great website.

Chris Daley  3/8/00  8:54:27 AM
   i enjoyed learing it was fun reading is food for my brain ya hoo

christy  3/8/00  8:55:58 AM
   your website is pretty fun and cool!

holly macdonald  3/8/00  8:56:07 AM
   I think this website is pretty darn cool!!I played some crosswords and some more quizzes!! Well gotta go. hang loose. bye!

John Bailey  3/8/00  9:45:31 AM
   When I was young and in the formative school times, the subject that I disliked most was English. I could see no reason to learn any of the rules and principles. I believed that as long as people could understand what I had written, for the most part, why should I have to follow all of those rules?
Well, now, strange as it may seem, I earn my living as a Technical Writer, :=), and I try to write as best I can using as many of the rules that I can employ. Clarity is of utmost importance. As one of my college english teachers said, "If you have to explain anything that you have written, don't, just write it again".
I discovered this site when I visited my old (and I mean old) high school newspaper site. It was listed for the purpose of helping high school students with their studies, but I immediately saw the value of having this site as a resource in performing my everyday income producing work.
Thank you.

Natasha Constable  3/8/00  12:12:39 PM

Amy Gunn  3/8/00  12:22:34 PM

Craig Higgins  3/8/00  2:17:57 PM
   This website is wonderful! It really helps kids and I like the games on it but I do think you should have more games.

Craig Keiser  3/8/00  2:18:18 PM

Les Bian  3/8/00  2:21:45 PM

Austin  3/8/00  2:28:39 PM

walsh, kyle  3/8/00  2:32:36 PM

Bobby  3/8/00  2:33:01 PM

Andrew Spracklin  3/8/00  2:34:56 PM
   I really like this programs game called the dating game

Ron Smith  3/8/00  5:47:12 PM
   An excellent resource. The site remains on my favorite list.

matthew brown  3/8/00  9:52:24 PM
   thank you soooooo much. i have been looking for a page that will give me help in my literature class. this page is great. thanx for being out there.

Jessica Powers  3/9/00  10:39:42 AM
   I really enjoyed the slide show on run-on sentences.

Michele Partain  3/9/00  1:16:57 PM
   My company is having me teach a course on Grammar Fundamentals to our engineers (many of whom have learned English as a second language). I'm using Gregg Reference Manual as our course guide - but I always turn to you when I need to find a way to state their complicated rules simply! I also recommend the tests on your site regularly as a way to receive instant feedback on their grasp of a subject - the best way to learn. You're wonderful to put so much time into something so valuable. I love you.

Wendy Gilmer-Grubb  3/9/00  2:20:23 PM
   I love this site! I teach freshman English at a small community college, and today I had one class use the quizzes and practices in this site. The students thought this was the greatest thing ever, even though they were doing grammar exercises! And I didn't have to come up with additional exercises myself. Thank you, thank you!

Julie  3/10/00  2:31:31 AM
   So many stuff in there ! Well, I don't think I'll do everything ! Maybe some... I like it, it's pretty cool for people who'd like to improve their English.

Bruce C. Butt  3/10/00  11:48:36 AM
   With respect to the capitalization quiz, you capitalize the "Secretary" of the Society for....., but not the "ambassador" of South Africa;sounds inconsistent. Also, Charles, "Prince" of Wales is a title and would "always" be capitalized. You clearly don't understand how seriously monarchists take these things. Nice Website (One or two words?). Thanks.

student  3/13/00  12:11:14 PM
   Thank you for letting us use your site in class. It really helped out a lot!

erick castillo  3/13/00  9:44:15 PM

Tony G.  3/14/00  1:05:31 AM
   Very informative site, I appreciate you putting it up. My English teacher is using the site in place of worksheets for us and it seems to be very helpful. The only suggestion I have it to organize the site a little more, tables would be a good idea, because it is very easy to get lot or bombarded with a multitude of information at once. Other than that, thank you very much.

Erica Donaldson  3/14/00  9:54:19 AM
   Great Site! It will be a valuable resource when studying for the GMAT.

Karen Chan  3/14/00  1:00:35 PM
   I was researching this site for an assignment and this is really good! My teacher wants to show this site to all the other English teachers in the school now! Thanks a lot!

Angela Gouthro  3/14/00  6:19:06 PM
   Your site is huge. I look foward to using it during my scholastic career.

Mark Fritz  3/18/00  1:43:48 AM

Martin Gauthier  3/19/00  11:41:48 AM
   Wonderful! Thank you for your work. It's improving the way to learn the Shakespeare langage.

MARK A. PUNO  3/19/00  9:26:27 PM

Tilly Ann  3/20/00  10:27:14 AM

J. A. Cann, English Instructor, Deer Valley High School, Phoenix, AZ  3/20/00  10:27:35 AM
   Very glad to have found your excellent webpage program, especially your PowerPoint resources. I've emailed(sp?) the page address to others in the deportment here with the feedback I pretty well expected: a gold mine. All the best for continued success.

Tilly Ann  3/20/00  10:29:19 AM
   Loves pigs and thinks that they can fly. She is a nut who says everyone should go under cowdance.com and hamsterdance.com

Mrs.Stevens  3/20/00  10:29:59 AM

J. A. Cann, Self-chastened  3/20/00  10:36:29 AM
   As doth man propose, doth God dispose--or laugh, for that matter: " . . . in the deportment(sp!) here. . . ."

Edwin K.B  3/20/00  11:08:33 AM

David Goncalves  3/20/00  12:31:55 PM
   Thanks for maintaining this great site. These resources have helped my maintain my status as "office grammar maven." My boss has the highest grammatical standards, and he often asks me to proof his articles, contracts, and business letters. I try to give him latitude on stylistic issues while identifying and explaining grammatical errata. I found it easy to navigate your site. I quickly obtained some good examples illustrating variations to a semi-obscure rule. Thanks again.

Michael Blackburn  3/20/00  7:52:57 PM
   I think this is a good educational site.

Kathie Huttegger  3/23/00  5:26:06 AM
   52-year-old MBA student scheduled to graduate in May of this year is working on final thesis -- What a blessing to find your site at 4:00 a.m. when I ran into a citation question. I will bookmark your site and return often. I also plan to let my thesis advisor know of your work. GREAT JOB! Thanks!

derek sumter  3/23/00  6:17:05 PM
   very nice

justin  3/24/00  12:51:01 PM

Kenneth Flo  3/24/00  12:56:37 PM
   Thank you for providing such a valuable resource! This website is and will be a blessing to me.

alfonso solorio  3/24/00  2:18:00 PM
   It's real cool and will help a lot of students!!!!!

John Bronson  3/25/00  10:59:27 AM
   This guide is very well organized. I love it.

Vincent  3/26/00  2:11:09 PM
   Good Web Resource ! Keep up the good work and I shall recommend it to my friend.

sean corcoran  3/27/00  12:25:27 PM
   this site is solid, no scratch that, rock solid!! i think that the quizes are quite corking. seeing as i don't often go on grammer websites i can honestly say this is the best grammar website i've ever been to

chris c  3/27/00  12:27:00 PM
   hi i would just like to say THIS IS GREAT

George "BOTTLES" Gill  3/27/00  12:32:58 PM
   I Found lots of information on your website.

CLASS 8D  3/27/00  12:39:44 PM

aDAM mACKIE  3/27/00  12:41:47 PM

sui yuen  3/28/00  4:51:13 AM
   this site helped me to learn a lot

Nancy Sacchetti  3/28/00  9:48:40 PM
   I am very greatful that you have such a wonderful site for students and all to know the rules of reading and writing. I do have some suggestions though. I think you should display all the parts of speech and kinds of sentences, such as, imperative, declarative etc. Also you should have a section on how to read and answer question from reading, i.e. what was the main point of this reading, etc. Otherwise, this is a great site and I use it often to study for national, state tests.

Rosemary Closson  3/29/00  11:03:13 AM
   What a wonderful resource! I've been searching for something exactly like this to refer my students to. Thanks so much for making it available.

seung kang kim  3/29/00  9:17:16 PM
   To learn complete english

mohamed  3/30/00  10:53:11 AM
   how are you

monalisa  3/30/00  9:41:05 PM

Denise Standifer  4/1/00  10:23:04 AM
    To Whom: I discussed with my good friend about grammar and writing that I want to learn more and need for my writing improvement. She e-mailed and showed me that she got it for me. It was very interesting for me to learn a lot from yours. I really enjoyed it. I clicked this program to move in my ( Favorite from Internet) Smile. I am glad that you have these for whom the people are learning from your big help. Thank you. Denise
I hope you understand this what I write. I know I have a lot of problem with my sentences.

Sheila  4/1/00  10:27:16 AM
   This makes me satisfed for me to learn from your web. It is very good to teach the people from these when they have problems with it. Thank you.