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Jill Maree Thomas, B.A., M.A.  4/2/00  2:25:10 PM
   What an excellent resource! I now refer all my students here for practice!

Pat  4/3/00  11:26:38 AM
   Nice Quizzes

Norma  4/3/00  5:48:51 PM

Theresa Green  4/3/00  10:08:32 PM
   Thanks for this lovely site for it is very educational and very very interesting! i enjoyed this site very much and i am sure i have excelled in english because of this interactive web page. I must be off but thanks again for this lovely lovely site! You are a very great person whoever you are!

Janet Olson  4/5/00  1:26:36 AM
   I teach middle school English and reading in a small Christian school outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Our academic standards are high and we DO teach diagramming. I found your information on diagramming. Thanks. It has been a while since I diagrammed in high school. I loved it, but I know I have forgotten a lot. I will pass it on to our newest teacher - a great instructor who unfortunately did not have diagramming in school. She is constantly checking things over with the head of the dept. or another one of us. God bless. I will be back!!!

JJ Heary  4/5/00  2:21:34 PM
   How do you do a bibliography?

Frank S.  4/6/00  4:07:38 AM
   Great webpages, excellent work! Frank (Berlin/GER)

clutes@nmc.edu  4/6/00  8:07:21 PM
   I think this is terrific! I am recommending this to my students.

R. G. Marco  4/8/00  2:03:57 AM

Tina Black  4/8/00  10:44:26 PM
   What a wonderful site you have,my printer is going crazy. I will tell all my friends about your site.You have done a wonderful job, keep up the good work we will be back

luke k  4/9/00  2:31:41 AM
   thx! i wish all esl students knew this website.

Chris Fortier  4/10/00  12:38:31 AM
   Excellent website. I love the powerpoint presentations, quizzes, especially when I pass them, and the amount of learning I have accomplished here. I am really intriqued with the writing that flashes across the bottom of the website, "Teachers, thank you for recommending......etc". Is it done with html or some kind of javascript. If you could tell me the secret I'll be grateful.

Joanne Champagne  4/10/00  11:41:26 PM
   Thanks for putting your site on the web, it's been of great help to me.

Chiquita Chinn  4/11/00  12:15:24 PM

mark  4/12/00  2:23:00 PM
   your site is neat

Felicia Graffius  4/12/00  3:40:51 PM
   This is a very educational site

Terra Dawn Hardman  4/13/00  1:20:59 PM
   Hi! I really like your site. It's fun, but educational. My teacher Mrs. Butcher recommended your site to me.

Maria  4/13/00  4:47:52 PM
   Why I said: Hector and "I" went to the movie yesterday. And when the teacher say Who is Maria?, I answer: "me".

Jessica Sampson  4/14/00  11:13:55 AM
   the vocabulary is way too hard for me

Courtney Paige Smith and Kristin Nicole Melrath  4/14/00  3:40:48 PM
   We are students from calhoun high school,calhoun county west virgina.

Jason Schill  4/14/00  4:31:16 PM
   This site is more fun than having our English teacher talk.

Jason Schill  4/14/00  4:35:54 PM
   These quizzes are hard

Chen Hsu-hua  4/14/00  10:55:11 PM
   I love the site and its rich content,and I will forward to all my friends. Keep rolling.

Lina  4/15/00  2:33:14 AM
   Its a wonderful site and i have learn a lot from this site

Sherelyn  4/15/00  11:53:32 AM
   This site has been very helpful to me. I have returned to school after twenty years and my essay skills were very rusty. I am indebted to this site for grammatical help on my essays that earned me an A in my first class!!

Basel  4/17/00  9:39:36 AM
   I am looking detailed information about subordinate clauses. I am writing diploma paper on this topic and I am considering what aspect of this clause am I to focus on

mila  4/18/00  1:44:31 PM
   This site is very useful for every student wanting to learn English in a good way.

trang  4/18/00  2:37:53 PM
   " I go to school to study and I want to pass this class

kim  4/19/00  1:11:48 PM

Robert Stockwell  4/20/00  3:08:42 PM
   Please turn off the annoying scrolling text in the status line. It serves no purpose other than hiding the URL to which a link is pointing.

joan  4/20/00  11:40:33 PM
   Your answer to sentence in Quiz III (DeKalb, Illinois) is incorrect. You should not put a comma after Illinois as you stated BECAUSE by doing so you would be separating the subject from the verb!!!!!!!

I don't normally respond to guestbook entries, but I will in this case to point out that the name of a state (preceded by the name of a city, as in "Last year's conference in Davis, Oklahoma, was a great success") is always regarded as a parenthetical element and is always set off with a pair of commas. (I have to agree that that doesn't necessarily make sense, but that is how it's done.) A subject can be — and often is — separated from its verb by more than one comma. The quiz is correct.


Authority: New York Public Library Writer's Guide to Style and Usage HarperCollins: New York. 1994. Cited with permission.

Authority: The Little, Brown Handbook by H. Ramsay Fowler and Jane E. Aaron, & Kay Limburg. 6th ed. HarperCollins: New York. 1995. By permission of Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc. p. 398.

basakarikan  4/23/00  8:23:33 AM
    hello! my name is Basak, l am from Turkey . Where are you from. l love you English grammar. l am mail= arikanbasak@hotmail.com
best wishes!

Denise  4/23/00  10:41:10 PM
   The site is fanastic. I find it very helpful with my writing.

Cynthia Anderson Jones  4/24/00  12:45:46 AM
   Should LLC be set off with commas? Example: ...joined 2nd Generation Capital, LLC as an equity principal in 1995...

Michael Ellison  4/25/00  2:07:57 PM
   I wanted to thank you for this online service that you provide. I am currently employed in the navy and at this time I can't go to college. In the navy it's very important to be grammatically correct and right now that is my biggest problem. I hope this site will help me.

Marilyn Baker  4/26/00  1:18:07 AM
   This is a wonderful site for Language Arts teachers! My students love it!

B.B.  5/2/00  7:41:26 PM
   Thanks for such a GREAT homework helper!! I'm studying for an English test and this has to be the best site ever! I've looked everywhere else, but nothing compares to Grammar English. I'm recommending this to all my friends!

Cheryl McCormick  5/3/00  4:03:45 PM
   Great site--very impressive.

Shaunté Bowen  5/4/00  1:44:02 PM
   Hi I'm an 9th grader thanks for this site it helps me out and I think everyone sould now about it if it was not for this site my grammer and other things would be no good. THANKS TO ALL.OH DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY.

De'borah M.  5/5/00  1:59:49 AM
   This a fabulous resource! I love the quizzes! Try to make more of them.---I am from Houston, Tx on that Southside.

Nikki Godwin  5/6/00  11:12:30 PM
   This site is great! It will definitely help me in my future English courses in college.

Pam Garrett  5/7/00  9:05:54 PM
   I've thoroughly enjoyed this site. I am a high school English teacher; I plan to refer my students to this site to take some of the quizzes.

Katarina  5/9/00  2:11:23 AM
   I've been trying to master the english language for more than ten years. This web-page is a great help and a brain teaser I love. By the way, my native language is slovak. Thank you !

JSmooth  5/9/00  2:47:04 PM
   Hello, found this site by accident so I figured I would sign your guestbook. mmkay? bye

becky Farrah  5/10/00  12:11:07 AM
   My english teacher has taken us to the lab to surf this page. It is a great page. I congratulate you on the creation of all those great javascript puzzles! ::bows:: Well, I will come here again. I hope that it is still a "live" webapge.

Don Campbell  5/10/00  12:46:30 AM
   What a wonderful resource! The site is beautifully done and the content meets a real need. Yours will be one of my most valued bookmarks. Thanks.

Dione Wakefield  5/11/00  10:52:29 AM
   I quite like this website. You cover a lot of things. If there is one thing that you need to improve, you need to brighten up the pages as they are a bit dull at the moment. But, apart from that, I would use it in future exams.

Susan Finnan  5/11/00  1:31:43 PM
   Great Site!

Bill Garden, New Zealand  5/12/00  6:32:20 AM
   This is an exceptionally worthwhile site; this makes the internet all very worthwhile — thank you

Jennifer Solman  5/12/00  11:51:45 AM
   FANTASTIC site! Keep up the wonderful work! This site is at the top of my bookmark list!

fulano  5/15/00  10:51:15 AM

Becky Morgan  5/15/00  5:35:59 PM
   I think that it is a great idea to have someone who will e-mail answers to your questions!

CLycan  5/15/00  9:04:37 PM
   What an awesome tool for English teachers to use in the classroom. I'm really impressed with the scope of the grammar section, with explanations and interactive practice, and the quizzes. This site works for all my students--from high school freshmen to my honors seniors--not to mention ME!

Kimberly Clark  5/16/00  10:41:43 AM
   I'm glad I finally found you. I have been arguing punctuation rules FOREVER, and now I have backup. Thanks.

Sarah Croskey  5/16/00  1:24:37 PM
   I think this website will be Great! It would be better if my teacher wasn't making me sit here and do the quizzes, but I'm going to leave with these word of wisdom. "I may be blonde, I may be ditzy, But I'm not Stupid" Quoted by Tina DaVault

MARSHA SISK  5/16/00  8:12:52 PM

Lolly&Lindy  5/17/00  1:51:10 PM
   hey ya'll this is laura and lindy and we're in coppys english class this is a way cool site man!!! yeah ok well i guess we'll go and do your awsome test cya!!

michael braun  5/17/00  7:33:21 PM
   I think this is a great website. I am now in Canada studying for the GMAT, and I think I might fail without this website. Actually, I came all the way to Canada from China to take the GMAT. Am I crazy?

k-san  5/18/00  2:09:46 PM

ryanne  5/18/00  3:04:54 PM
   i htink this site is totally awesome!! it is helping me study for my semester exam! thanks a bunch! ryanne

Fawn Shover Rinehart  5/18/00  3:17:17 PM
   Your site has been extremely helpful to me. I shall bookmark the site and I will tell my daughter about the site also - she will use it a lot!

Thomas Burk  5/18/00  4:07:27 PM
   Your grammar, usage, and style pages are a treasure trove of great information! Your bookmark is at the top of my list! Keep up the wonderful work! You really are a Darling!

Gloria Jacobs  5/19/00  12:39:37 PM
   This is the best grammar web site I've found. I teach 9th grade English, and it has helped me find answers to some of the more confusing grammar issues. I also refer my students to this site. Thanks.

Vanessa Tomasso  5/21/00  6:43:18 PM
   This page needs a lot more! I suggest putting in a section for ASB. I have looked all over trying to find something to help me start my ASB speech but i can't find anything! Sincerely, Vanessa 7th grade running for treasurer; won presidency last year!

Matthew Mills  5/22/00  11:28:48 PM
   This is an unbelievable site. I did a critique on it for my grade eleven English class. It is truly remarkable!!! There is so much information which is actually useful, unlike numerous other grammer and writing based web sites. The authors of this site deserve tremendous praise. It was a pleasure!

Latisha Hobson  5/23/00  11:44:36 AM

Nick Signer  5/25/00  10:07:31 AM
   Hey Man?

Brent Remenaric "Beaver"  5/25/00  11:26:14 AM

Bob Thurber  5/28/00  8:19:52 AM
    I want to personally thank you for designing this tremendous resource. I've been a professional writer for over twenty years and I've found this site to be invaluble as a refresher, and a reminder. My son is a self-motivated home schooler discovering the quirks of the English language and he finds this site to be one of the best. Thank you for your temendous efforts!

Matt  5/28/00  2:22:06 PM
   great site it helped me alot when i was studing for a final.

Linda  5/28/00  4:46:57 PM
    Thank you for having this wonderful help available for all to use. I know I will resort to it often. I have linked to it at my website. http://community.webtv.net/CountryBlue22/CountryBluesGreat Thanks, again, for the great help.

Micheal Kingston  5/28/00  9:58:31 PM
   Thanks for this web site, it really helped. I have a big exam and am glad to use your site.

tepa  5/30/00  2:53:12 AM
   A great addition to my English studies!

Steve Chamberlain  5/30/00  11:29:55 AM
   I commonly see "under way" used as one word these days (Plans are underway...), both at work and in national publications (e.g., Business Week). According to my copy of The American Heritage Dictionary, "under way", used as an adverb, is two words, not one. Has its common usage as one word now brought it into general acceptance, or are the many people using it as one word doing so incorrectly?

Fred  5/30/00  12:17:49 PM
   This site is so exciting!!

mandi  5/30/00  12:23:00 PM

Shane  6/6/00  10:19:10 AM
   I want to improve my english, because i think communication is very important in this life. It is frustrating when i can't express myself. Anyway, this site is so huge...so many hours of work, and you bring it to us for free. I have no doubt this site will be very useful and help me a lot. THANKYOU!

Stacy  6/6/00  10:34:01 PM
   uhhh.. HI! I was looking through your site because I was in need of study material for my final (which is tomorrow) One of the things on my final is CONJUNCTIONS. (Like Coordinate, Correlative, Subordinate and Conjunction adverbs) ..But the problem is that conjuntions are not even mentioned on your site, i searched. One question: "WHY?" Aren't conjuntions worthy of being on your page? Anyways.. e-mail me if you can at : Stacycal5@aol.com...i would really appreciate it if you would inform me as to why you have this hatrid of conjuntions. thank you :)

I think Stacy forgot to check the INDEX.


Sareca Wedel  6/8/00  10:25:29 AM
   Your site is excellent. I share this with my college students when they are in need of review for some usage problems they have in their essay writing. I also share this site with students who are prepping for college entrance exams and need a boost in English skills.

janet Ramis  6/8/00  11:47:43 AM

Melissa Weber  6/8/00  3:31:14 PM
   This is the most valuable website I have ever enountered! Your tests are actually pretty fun to take, and I have learned so much just by browsing the site! I must get rid of all my pride and say that I am not a student, but a technical writer in the work force. However, I am still constantly learning, so thank you for providing the tools to help me learn more.

Erin A.  6/12/00  3:34:28 PM
   Very cool....an excellent resource for teachers and students alike! http://erin.futurewest.ca/index.html

Moti Seon  6/13/00  9:55:51 AM
   Your site is very nice .

justin  6/13/00  12:58:16 PM
   this is boring

Jean Gill  6/13/00  1:34:21 PM
   Thank you for your outstanding professional presentations which I will be using to train teachers in South Wales, UK

Tripp Caldwell  6/13/00  2:35:39 PM
   Great site!

Robert Wade (Huntsville, AL.)  6/15/00  2:32:47 PM
   This is probably one of the most useful sites on the Web. Great Job!

SkepticalScully  6/16/00  2:33:13 PM
   I would like to say i took the quiz in the non english part 1 version and some of your answers are WRONG! 1. Tete a tete is NOT face to face, it is HEAD TO HEAD! tete in french in your HEAD! and Vis a vis is who knows on your list it means FACE TO FACE! so your answers are wrong and i'm write! gooooooooo website! if you're going to teach us how about making sure YOU know the answers? i know my french and you have very crappy definitions.

I respectfully disagree. Although "tête-à-tête" would translate literally to "head-to-head," "head-to-head," in English, implies an element of confrontation, a rather disagreeable encounter. "Face-to-face," on the other hand, does not necessarily imply a difficult encounter and is a much better translation of "tete-a-tete." (Lovers can be found tête-à-tête, but if they're "head-to-head," they're probably having a lover's quarrel.) "Vis-a-vis" translates literally into "face-to-face," but in English we use it to make comparisons between two things, as if we were stacking them up "face-to-face." The literal translation of an idiom is not always the most useful understanding of that word or phrase.


Deirdre B.  6/16/00  2:35:36 PM
   I absolutely love your web site and have recommended it to all of my colleagues. I hope you never discontinue it. Although I've been a grammar fanatic since 9th grade and a professional technical writer for the past 12 years, I still learn things from your site! But mostly, the information serves to confirm what I've known all along but sometimes doubt given the pathetic state of English usage in our country. Thank you for all of your time and effort in creating and maintaining this wonderful web site!

Jennifer Breitzke  6/19/00  11:02:27 AM
   This is a great resource. I am putting together a syllabus for a Business English Course for my company and the information you have here is quite valuable. Thanks!

Arslan  6/19/00  11:48:54 AM
   Just wanted to tell you I love the site, and by your leave *bows* have already used many of the features as part of my lessons. Thank you :) Especially for the quotes Arslan

Adriana Gonzalez  6/19/00  5:11:51 PM
   Thanks for your help.

David Solarz  6/19/00  7:11:52 PM
   Dear author of this site, Your web-site was particularly helpful. Thank you very much. You would figure that after years of grammar school and a Cornell education I would be know that seasons aren't to be capitalized. Once again, thank you. Sincerely, David Solarz

Denise  6/20/00  11:17:29 AM
   What an absolutely wonderful site. I'm doing some contractor editing and don't have my style books readily handy--this website is a blessing!

Denise  6/20/00  11:19:07 AM
   Especially thank you for the section on diagramming sentences! I haven't done this since middle school, and I'm having a ball :)

glynn p. lyles  6/20/00  3:46:59 PM
   I have found your program very interesting and educational. Wheather it can provide the help I need is another story. You have done an outstanding job, and I understand you have only so much room, but I sure wish you had a bit more defination for the titles you use in the grammar expanation. Gerund ends in ing, how do you come up with the word gerund? Even though, it has drawn my interest that was none existence for the last fifty seven years. I find the work intriguing and exciting. Last and important, a little evaluation on the above gammar. Thank you glynn

Paula  6/21/00  8:39:31 AM
   Marvellous! It is so user friendly and handy! A great helper in English language learning!