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Here is the Guestbook for The Guide to Grammar and Writing
for 22 June 2000 to 28 July 2000:

Terese  6/22/00  1:41:49 PM
   Your site is really neat! It teaches me a lot. One hint, though: maybe add some games or something to make it a bit more interesting.

Erica  6/22/00  1:45:35 PM
   This site is very intresting. I like it a little bit but not too much

Mrs Bramflakes  6/22/00  1:46:18 PM

Delilia Dornoble  6/22/00  1:47:19 PM
   Your site is very good. I am right now at a 95% overall mark at my school because of your site. It teaches me so much. I now can spell, read, and wight as well as any other high school person. That is pretty good, knowing that I am only in grade three. Bye

Mrs. Kilerthsoakddf  6/22/00  1:47:52 PM
   This site is quite good. I will recomend it to my students

Francis Dehong  6/22/00  1:50:26 PM
   Howdy, partner Your site is really neat man.

Thomas Thompson  6/22/00  1:53:28 PM
   Your site is neat.

Shandihigh  6/22/00  2:00:25 PM
   This place is terribly boring and I hope not to come here again except my teacher forces us on to this site. I believe that this place is a good learining experience but if it had games or some other fun thing it would be much more interesting.

Kent Lion, Kaiserslautern, Germany  6/23/00  9:50:47 AM
   Excellent site for finding answers to questions about Grammar, and the only one I found with an Index. I found exactly what I needed, in excruciating detail. Good content, nice to look at, and easy to navigate. My compliments to all the people who worked on this site.

Tom Nash  6/24/00  12:02:13 AM
   Dear provider, Thank you so much for maintaining this free site. I am in my mid '60s and in my retirement, I have taken an interest in trying to learn what I didn't learn or didn't understand during my early school years. This site has an excellent presentation, it is very informative, easy to use, jam packed with information and very inviting to read. Congratulations on such good work. It must be very gratifying to know that you are helping so many people to express themselves much more easily and precisely than before. Very best wishes, Tom 24 June 2000.

Esther Perrin  6/24/00  4:01:16 AM
   I like your site. I wish it was just a little simpler. I would like to use it for my students. They can do some of the work, but not all of it. The definitions and examples are very useful. Thanks. mrseperrin@excite.com

marc  6/24/00  4:48:33 PM
   Your site is helpful

Marie Alencar (Brazil)  6/26/00  9:01:31 PM
   Thanks for your site; it's very wonderful !!! Thanks once more !

Robbie Bossert  6/27/00  2:23:38 AM
   Thank you one and all for this site. I enjoy it.

SHAMI  6/28/00  5:14:13 PM

Vian  6/29/00  5:30:11 AM
   Thanks for your site. It's very helpful

Mike Payne  6/29/00  7:41:59 AM
   There is hope for us that didn't pay attention in school! Thank you.

Lynne Baker  7/2/00  2:47:10 AM
   Thank you for creating such a rich website. I teach in an extended education degree program, at the graduate and undergraduate level. The resources you provide are invaluable to my students.

Carrine  7/2/00  6:10:17 PM
   Thank you for teaching me all these basic grammar rules. Before i looked at this page, i find grammar is a difficult thing to learn. But after reviewing all these basic rules, i find it simple. This page can definitely improve my writing skills.

Keith  7/3/00  11:50:21 PM
   A really great site (one of the few I've bothered to bookmark). The Grammar Logs are really good because they cover such a wide range of topics. One thing though, you might want to include "apposed" and "opposed" in the Notiorious Confusables. (Apposed as apposed to opposed.) Keep up the good work!

Janice Simons  7/5/00  8:14:30 AM
   Thank you, thank you!! This site is a great find and has been book marked for continuous reference.

speedbot  7/5/00  11:39:34 AM

Shabobulation  7/5/00  11:45:21 AM
    I have really learned the facts that I needed to launch my knowledge.This has help me tremendously to overcome my unsuccessful years of English.

kabobulator  7/5/00  11:46:11 AM
    This website is very helpful and helps to build great writing skills. I will use the knowledge I gained from here to write better essays. Keep up the good work you've done and improve your website so that it can be a household guide to writing. The skills that I have taken from here will help me become a better writer and a better student in school. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP AND GUIDANCE!!!!!

mustang  7/5/00  11:51:16 AM

Sonny T.  7/7/00  12:17:58 PM
   This is a great site. All this information will surely give me the information I need for writing. The examples are a little tough to find though. There is a lot of information but it's kind of difficult to understand.

Fred  7/11/00  9:34:53 PM
   Your site is really cool and extremely useful. I wonder if you can put all of your material into a zip file so that others like me can have access to your information without having to log on to your website.

Anthony Santiago  7/12/00  8:09:44 PM
   I think this site is a great source of academic information. I recommend it to all my friends (classmates too). Thank you!

wunfatc  7/14/00  11:24:15 AM

sukhjinder singh  7/15/00  10:57:40 PM
   i want to study math of 5th grade

Humberto Arocha VENEZUELA  7/16/00  2:57:53 AM
   your book is really usefull to students like me who use English language as a second one. It was wide nice when I began to read your book, I have not seen anything like this yet, this book is WONDERFULL; I am quite thankfull.

Jim Berryman-Shafer  7/17/00  7:07:15 PM
   As a teacher I am amazed when I find something this wonderful on the "net." THANKS

Lindsey Greene  7/26/00  5:33:11 PM
   a delightful, imaginative collection of all things neccessary for a lover of words.

Prasad Ayyalasomayjula  7/26/00  6:44:59 PM
   Hi, Thanks for maintaining this site. I find it very useful for improving my Grammar.

Ms. jb vetrano  7/27/00  4:52:11 PM
   Fantastic web site! Nice to have your site available to refresh lost English structures. Thank you again.

Beth  7/28/00  2:13:33 AM
   This is exceptional. It is an excellent place for students to get help and practice. Thank you for sharing your expertise so that others may benefit from your knowledge. May you reap this kindness in your own life in some way. God bless!