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Here is the Guestbook for The Guide to Grammar and Writing
for June 1 to September 1, 1998:

Michele Partain 6/8/98

My company had asked me to teach a class on improving writing skills, believing that the documents leaving our office could be vastly improved. In an hour-long class, I believed that I might be able to teach very briefly how to outline one's thoughts and transfer them into an acceptable format; I knew, however, that much more was needed. I turned to the Net, hoping to find some resources for our writers to utilize after the class. Your site is perfect. A self- study course, with instant feedback, clearly organized - I could not have imagined anything better. Thank you for the vast amounts of time and effort that must have gone into its making. It is appreciated.


I've just begun to tap this incredible resource. Thank you for such a valuable and well-done service.

Julie Logsdon 6/10/98

Thank you for making a pen and paper subject come alive!! I live in Texas where TAAS is the hot topic. Your program will add a new and exciting way for my students to get a little extra practice.

Lucy MacDonald 6/11/98

I was delighted with the animated feedback on the grammar quizzes. Not only did I enjoy doing them, but my online students will love them as well. What a wonderful motivational tool. The students love instant feedback and fun stuff. Maybe next term this site will make to the top three favorite site. I am recommending this to my students and others. Thanks. Lucy Tribble MacDonald Composition and Study Skills Online Faculty Chemeketa Community College Salem , OR.

Harriet 6/18/98

Bravo! This is one of the best websites I've ever seen. Thanks for the helpful information and the entertaining way it is presented. You have created a WINNER!

Nancy Stuever 6/22/98

I teach nursing in a BSN degree completion program at University of Phoenix. Like many university-level faculty members, I have forgotten far more than I remember about the complexities of grammar. Your website, however, makes those complexities a little easier to navigate. It's very well organized, and its organization seems to make sense to a student who may be unsure of the exact nature of their difficulties. The site is appealing to the eye, with sophisticated graphics and excellent use of color to break up the monotony of what can be fairly dry information. Last, it provides an extraordinary wealth of resources suitable for both students AND their teachers! I plan to include your site in my resource list for students. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in such a unique and accessible way!

Jessica Turner 6/22/98

I'm from Old Lyme, Connecticut. I went to UCONN, but now reside in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm working on my M.A.T. in English at Emory U.

Ebony Allen 6/24/98

I would just like to say that I learned a few new rules dealing with things like transitions and word use. I also think that this can be a great learning experience for students who are trying to improve themselves in Grammar.(Including myself) Thanks for your time, and help. Ebony (Upward Bound Student)

Richard L. Logsdon 6/26/98

your site help me get through Comp II. Thank you

Bryan Haddock 6/28/98

This webpage is very nicely done. I have just become a grammar enthusiast and will enjoy this page very much. Thank you for publishing it.

Bernie Cohen 7/1/98

Thanks for having this.... I will use it with regularity and great appreciation and suspicion..I love run on sentences and only wish to learn how to make them victorious again... thanks always. Bernie Cohen

sunshine 7/2/98

What a wonderful website. Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply.

Tammi Ricker 7/2/98

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of this fascinating information!! I am going to be a new teacher beginning in 1999. I am so glad that I ran into your info. Thank you again!! This will help me a lot as I start my wonderful career. One question: I am kind of new to the internet. Is it ok to print anything from here? Thanks again!

Karen Zach 7/9/98

I will be teaching 8th grade English in the Fall after being out of the English realm for several years -- your web page will help me get pumped up and give me some ideas -- thanks!! Karen Zach

Pascual Parra Albiol 7/10/98

Dear Sir, It has been a pleasure to find your web site. I am preparing to take the CAE exam and your quizzes and your internet pages are much useful, and as delightful as English grammar could be. Thank you

Bill Tredway 7/10/98

Greetings! I'm an English teacher at a private secondary school in central New Jersey. I've spent the last hour or so poring over your site: it's fabulous! The explanations are concise and accurate, the exercises useful, the self-quizzing exercises quite useful. You can be certain my students will be turning to the site come Spetember. Many thanks for all your work.

Lloyd Sandbulte 7/14/98

I'm a writer of insurance documents - policies and manuals. I appreciate this resource.

melissa whaley 7/15/98

I teach Eanglish as a Second Language at a private university. I have found your site to be vey helpful. Thanks

Casey Gomes 7/16/98

Although I have a degree in English, you would never know. The information that is presented here is quite comprehensive, yet, I could not find exactly that for which I was looking. Basically, what I would like to know is the difference between the uses of "i.e." and "e.g." and the like.

Jenn Giannino 7/16/98

Wonderful, just wonderful. I study this all the time and always learn more, I expect to become really proficient here. Thanks for all your hard work, it must be a subject you love. Jenn

Jack Riviere 7/22/98

I just want to say thanks for building a very informative and user-friendly web site. I learned a lot today. Jack Riviere

Laura 7/24/98

Grammar, This website is quite an accomplishment. Not only does it offer practical assistance to those of us who split our infinitives, it makes a rather dull subject (forgive me) bearable. Who created the smashing graphics?

Kathy Noll 7/28/98

Hi, Bullying is a serious topic, and I want to get the word out that kids and teens don't have to take it. Myself, and fellow psychologist and author, Jay Carter, wrote a book to help young people deal with bullies. It's called, "Taking the Bully by the Horns." If you'd like more info., please visit my web site at http://members.aol.com/kthynoll/bully.htm Thank you for allowing me to sign your book & help kids. Sincerely, Kathy Noll : )

Suzie E 7/29/98

Absolutely fabuloso site--I kiss your dainty hand, Grammar E. I've been reading for at least an hour and have come upon only one actual error (as opposed to difference of opinion)--a remarkable degree of synchronicity, considering how picky I am (not to mention you). ANYway, in the Compound Nouns and Modifiers test, at the end of the first para, I marked "twentieth-century" as incorrect, and even though the computer, wisely, agreed with me, it marked my answer as wrong. I figured you'd want to know. (And besides, this is absolutely my weakest area, so I need all the help I can get!) Yrs sincerely, Suzie E

Jennifer Weber 7/30/98

THANK YOU. Thank you for giving me a grip. I have been slaving over a five page paper for the last three weeks, to no avail. Finally, I feel confidant that this paper will not kill me. Thank you. This type of information should be presented in fourth grade, one whenever kids are first introduced to formal writing.

Tom Butler 8/12/98

I've been evaluating Writing and composition sites for a web page reference site I am developing for my college. This is one of the best sites I've found, a delightful counterpoint to the many mediocre sites I've had to slog through. I will recommend it to my colleagues and students. The badges are well-deserved! Tom Butler

kiyan 8/20/98

I realy learned alot from your site. It is wonderful. Thanks


Daniel 8/27/98

R. N. Ferguson 8/27/98

Why do you capitalize EVERY SINGLE WORD? The commercial press threw out capitalizing every word in a headline decades ago since studies showed the practice hinders reading.

Joe Nesbit 8/31/98

To Whom It May Concern: I am a high school LD English teacher. I have freshmen and sophmores this year. As my first year being in this position, I am trying to learn the curriculum. Do you have any suggestions of where to get good materials to work on grammar? Where should I be looking to start with them? What would be reasonable goals to achieve this year with them? Thank You, Joe Nesbit

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