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David Wangbong Lee 10/22/98

Hi All! Hello. It's a very fantastic world!


Pam Leyk 10/28/98

To Whom It May Concern, This is the best page I've found od the internet for help with building basic sentence structure...Thank-you.

Spaceman Spiff 10/28/98


Au KA Ho 10/29/98

this website is very useful!

Kent Kirkwood 10/29/98

I think that this site kicks ass and it really helps me with my homework instead of having a bunch of useless imformation taking up space I'm going to recommend this site to all of my friends. Thanx, Kent

Alissa Hermann 10/30/98

Your website was used as a part of our inservice. It was very helpful. Thank you! Sincerely, Alissa Hermann



Kendra Jordan 11/1/98

T. Lenfant 11/2/98

While visiting your site for a project, I found two Java Script errors which I felt you might want to investigate.

stephanie 11/2/98

anything you can send me at this address then that would be grea and highly appreciated. it could also be used in my class because right now i am in english and my teacher would probably like it as an example thank you very much, stephanie

Tammy 11/3/98

I really like this homepage it has been very helpful to me. I didn't realize how much I have forgotten until I started to help my 9yr old with her homework. I have looked around a little bit and this homepage has alot of information. My child even has an easy time finding thing.

Mary 11/3/98

Excellent, especially the part of quizzes.

David Carpenter 11/7/98

Wow! what a well done and useful site. One of the best I've ever seen. I've passed it on to our staff...

Ken Wallace 11/7/98

Excellent Web site..... This to me is what the Web is all about; being able to find the answer to just about any question with the click of a "mouse". Thank you!!!

Steve Jacobs 11/9/98

This guide to grammar is excellent. You just helped me help my daughter do her home work. Thanks for placing this on the web. Steve Jacobs

Kristiane Billie 11/10/98

hola, first time here. All I can say is it's "ALL GOOD"!!!!! just kidding, it's very helpful in many ways. Thanks.

Margie C. Sweeney, M.D. 11/12/98

Your web site was chosen Awesome Site of the Week on Oct. 13. A link to your site can be found on the "Awesome Site of the Week" page of my web site Taming the Triad at http://home.att.net/~tamingthetriad/

Dominique Villeneuve 11/13/98

Hello! I looked through your website and found helpful grammar hints. Thanks Dominique

Paula 11/15/98

this really helped me with my dumb AP english assignment. Is there anyone else out there that is tired of school already?! I am so ready for the summer--7 more months! :(

Ana-Mayte (Mendia) Coria 11/15/98

As the mother of four school age children, I thank you for the greatest language tool on the Web.

Linzi Deggans 11/17/98

pretty neat page you got here

ursa selan 11/17/98

I am working on a paper on names of address in English with comparison to Slovene. If you have any useful information on the titel mentioned, I will be glad do hear from you. Thank you. Ur°ree;a

Tiffany Smith 11/17/98

One word to sum this page up? Excellent! Thank you.

Jan Trollinger 11/18/98

I sort of stumbled on your site by accident and am so impressed by it. I teach developmental English at a historically black college in Georgia. Our students are required to put in lab hours. We have never had very intresting software programs for them to work on. Your site offers a wealth of information and help that I find amazing. I have used the "ask Grammar" function twice, gotten my response in 24 hours or less, and been so pleased with this possibility. I am the resident grammarian of my department; when I didn't know the answer to a question, I didn't know where to go for an answer. Now I do. Thank you for this wonderful site.

Douglas Hughes 11/19/98

Your site, Mr. Darling, vastly engaging. So engaging, in fact, that I all too often stay up well beyond my sheep-counting time to try all the quizzes I can find. That's fine. It's a truly blessed alternative to smoking which I gave up three months ago after 30 years on the weed. I fear, however, that I shall become as obsessive about your grammar guide as I was to the weed. As far as I know, though, there has been no study done to demonstrate that an attempt to improve one's language skills is at all deleterious to mind or body.

Jørgen Bo Eznaff 11/20/98

Hey recieving dude..... I just wanted to let you know that theese are some pretty cool pages.......

Carlos F. Díaz Sánchez 11/26/98

I want to tell you this: "Your PAGE IS EXCELLENT" for people like me, who wants to learn a better english grammar, you privide a complete guide and well documented rules to learn english language. Thanks.

Amber 11/30/98

I am looking for any strategies, techniques, etc to help special education students in grammar. I'd appreciate any information you have. Thanks! Amber


I think that it is a good program for high school students.

Kimberly 11/30/98

HEy I think that this program is so cool. It helped me with this major report I had to do. It also helped me with my other homework, and to any one who is reading this HI.


nadia Gould 12/1/98

I will come back and read more . I am very pleased to know there is such a Grammar Site!

Chris 12/1/98

I have a research paper due in ten minutes, how do I make a bibliography?

KenYiu'98 12/1/98

I love Grammar

Aldo Gonzalez-Serva, MD 12/1/98

Dear Prof. Charles Darling: I just discovered your page. God saves it! It is properly bookmarked. I intend to come to it often and to recommend it to my son in Venezuela (we're both English users as a second language). Thanks, Aldo Cambridge, MA, USA

Amber Anglin 12/1/98

English is my favorite subject I like Ms. Young

K. Stephens 12/1/98

An affable Site. Bravo!

Kerrie-Anne Hare 12/2/98

What a wonderful site. Thanks. I'll put my students onto it!

Deidre Briggs 12/2/98

I happened upn this site while looking for a list of transitions. I also found many other useful concepts to incorporate into an essay I am writing. Thank you to all who made this site available!


Paisan Tienthai 12/3/98

I'm thai student and now I'm study M.Sc. in Sweden. I have many problems about English language and at here most of the people speak Swedish ,but I want to improve my English. Therefore I am study the grammar from your homepage and if I have a problems, I will ask you later. Thank you very much.

Mr. Anonymous 12/3/98

I came to this web site...and it looks pretty cool. Maybe I might comeback

Mr. Anonymous 12/3/98

I was just exploring intactive qizes and... well they need to be a little more challenging. Just thinking out loud(:-P

peter feldt 12/4/98

it is great perfect

Gather Massolo 12/4/98

This is a fantastic page! Good work!

John Kenny 12/4/98

Hi, Is there any chance that your wonderful site can be made available as a text download? At the ripe age of 32, I,ve forgotten most of the basic grammar skills I learned many years ago. Your site is the best I,ve found at introducing the basics of grammar. But, it is damn difficult to check when I have a question on usage. A text only summary would be most useful. John

hunter243 12/6/98

Pritty niffty

babuabe 12/7/98

hi my name is babuabe. watz up?

Poddle Legs 12/7/98

What is up

Jim 12/10/98

Being a linguistics student, I found your Grammar Guide very interesting. It seems that people (myself included) need advice on grammar, chaos will follow else (English dialect there.) But the most striking fact is the amazing amount of variety within the English language. It's something that modern linguists (i.e. Chomsky and his cronies) have tried to play down, to little effect. Hopefully my dissertation on adverbs will help show that they can go almost anywhere. Which is nice.

Mareneo Santos 12/10/98

I would like to commmend the people who put together this superb site. I am a non-native speaker of English, and by far, this is the best resource I have found (electronically or in print) to provide a thorough and comprehensive treatment of english grammar. Kudos to all the staff.

Paul Martin 12/11/98

I teach the second grade in a title 1 school. I am the regular ed. teacher in the inclusion program. I have 20 students, 12 of them are E.S.E. (Special Ed.). Another 6 are ESOL. My problem is that my ESOL kids barely speak english and my co-teacher and I are doing everything but backflips to get these kids to try to write, let alone to enjoy it. They are illiterate in both languages which is obviously the problem. We have them dictate to us and we write their thoughts. When we contact the family, they are concerned as well, however the kids parents are illiterate as well. I'm sure that this is a common problem among most inner city schools. HELP!!!!

Rk 12/13/98

Might Isay this is avery good site to study sentences and the all the phrases and punctuation with it. Though it is very good it does not have usage which most middle-school kids are bad at.

Darrell McEldowney 12/13/98

Mrs. M. 12/14/98

Thank you! This is a great help to a rookie English teacher and her students!

Natasha 12/15/98

this site is the best on the web

LaDon James 12/15/98

I think this is a great resource. I have added it to my favorites. I will there was also a listing good books that the insecure writer could buy from the store to enhance her skills.

Sarah 12/16/98

Great page you got here!

nicole 12/17/98

your page has helped me out the most!!!!!!! I think that you should try to help kids on other things as computers too! Since I have went here I have brought my C+ to an A+ . SERIOUSLLY!!!!!!!!Thanx for all the help! Your friend, Nicole T

Dilla Abdul 12/18/98

It's good!! Happy New Year!!

ALI REZA SHOJAEI  12/19/98  9:45:03 PM

Wilson Zhang  12/21/98  12:33:52 AM

Chocolate Cookies  12/28/98  10:51:05 PM
   Great! It's just what I needed. Keep up the good work!!! :)

Bonnie  12/29/98  11:33:49 AM
   I LOVE this site. I'm using extensively with my 10th grade homeschooler. Thanks so much. Bonnie

Ken Seto  12/29/98  8:53:11 PM
   I just want to say you have a great website. It has provided a lot of information to me. Thank you.

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