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Here is the Guestbook for The Guide to Grammar and Writing
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Mary Mejia  1/6/99  11:20:10 AM
   Happy New Year 99! I will hope that you keep doing so well this website. In fact, you are helping me a lot in one of the most difficult areas of the English language which is Writing. I really need to improve Writing in order to pass Toefl test and do Children nutrition research. Thank you, very much.

Vashti  1/6/99  12:52:13 PM
   I think this site is wonderful, keep up the good work.

Peter Cheng  1/10/99  7:48:10 AM

Luis Andrés Rodríguez  1/11/99  2:16:07 AM
   I think this is a very practical guide for everybody. Congratulations. Valencia Venezuela.

nicole  1/11/99  7:23:04 PM
    this really helped me. cuz i have my language arts midterm on wednesday and she doesn't really go over this stuff a lot. the teacher just expects us to know everything, but i didn't. p.s. if my grammar is really bad on this comment it's just me. not u. thanx. i'll be back, i guarantee u!

Elizabeth Duran  1/13/99  8:08:25 AM
   Many thanks for a great site! I am a translator and occasionally, after a long day of translating, I need a few reminders about my native language. To make it even worse, I translate legal materials, and as we all know, legalese is the language of some other planet. In any case, great job!

Brooke  1/13/99  10:57:26 PM
   This is the absolutely best web-site that I have run into in years. Imagine one site where I can find questions, answers and help for everything that I could possibly need help with. Thank God for such an awesome place. Please keep up the good work!

Fai  1/14/99  6:23:10 AM
   This site helps me a lot !!

Jane  1/14/99  11:37:23 AM
   Very good, This site is very important for all the persons that are learning English.

John Doe  1/14/99  1:14:06 PM
   This thing is nifty!

Jamie Primm  1/16/99  8:32:21 AM
   Your web page is helping me to study for my English 191 class. I really need the help in English that your web page is providing for me. I am not one that likes to sit and study but thanks to your site it motivates me into studying. Thanks

Sunny  1/20/99  1:06:18 PM
   Even though I have finished my writing classes and graduated from college, but I still think that I am not good in writing English papers or reports. Since I have no self-confidence in writing, I always think that I have trouble to communicate with others by my writing skills. Thanks for this great site, I think it's helping me to re-build my self-confidence. Thank you & please keep the good work.

Melissa  1/20/99  1:14:51 PM
   I Just want to say thanks! This site is awesoe! I had final yesterday and thanks to this site I did well.

STEVEN PARIHAR  1/20/99  11:04:31 PM

Holly Sharp  1/21/99  8:24:09 PM
   Thanks for the quick response! I love, that's LOVE!, this site! I am telling all my English teacher friends, and referring my students (8th grade) to you, also. I had fun with your confusables, too. Congratulations on a great idea.

Elethia  1/24/99  2:07:30 PM
   Very interesting! Thanks for the help.

Leigh Ann Frink  1/24/99  6:40:29 PM
   I wish this site had been available years ago when I was a college English tutor!

Choline  1/24/99  10:33:58 PM
    Your Homepage is really beautiful and the materials are quite useful. keep on!

Wallace  1/25/99  9:10:27 AM
   This site is wonderful, especially for someone who wants to learn how to write good english. I've been shoping around for a good exercise book that teach someone how to write, but then I come to here and now I got everything I want, for free! Cheers!

vincent  1/25/99  10:35:40 PM
   this is cool

Ashley Hunt  1/26/99  12:42:43 PM

kia patterson 18  1/26/99  7:49:57 PM
   Grammer is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

hey yo  1/27/99  9:40:04 AM
   it's alright

Matt  1/27/99  9:43:38 AM
   I love it!

Jonathan Benigni  1/27/99  1:01:27 PM

John Dickerson  1/27/99  1:03:34 PM

John Holmes  1/28/99  11:18:57 AM

M.A.D.  1/29/99  9:25:50 AM

HANDE ÜNSAL  2/1/99  6:39:44 AM
   Hello! I really want to thank you to have such a this kind of site. I can find any thing that I want and It is very useful for everyone who wants to learn and have more knowledge about the grammar. Thank you again!!

ron ferendaru  2/1/99  8:54:07 PM

Treasha Barker  2/2/99  11:15:27 AM
   I Think this site is really neat and fun.

Jennifer Todesco  2/2/99  11:20:34 AM
   This is a nice site for every one who needs help with grammar skills and their language usage. Thanks for having this site open and so informing to every one

Larry  2/2/99  3:16:34 PM
   This is the best use of the Internet I have experienced. Thank you very much. I will be back.

Laurie Wilson  2/3/99  1:04:50 PM
   Dear Grammar English, Your material is excellent, in my opinion. Thank you for putting it out here for us. My coworkers and I would like some support for our belief that "and" rather than "or" is the correct conjunction to use in the following type of comparison: "Participation in the plan will terminate on the earlier of (a) the participant's death, _____ (b) the participant's termination of employment with the company." We will appreciate your comments on the logic of using "and" to correlate two things, or on whatever point of grammar is involved here. Thank you.

Gene Benson  2/4/99  1:21:58 PM

Inman  2/4/99  2:25:36 PM
   I notice that Grammar English has been identified as feminine in your guest book! Well, why not? I teach high school English and find your exercises very helpful, especially combining sentences which most students find difficult. It seems they have been programmed to believe that they can't start a sentence with "because" or "and." Keep up the good work! I include a couple of my favorite solecisms: a) Joan of Ark was burned at the steak. b) The Red Pony died of syphillis.

Tanja Jacobsen  2/5/99  11:40:09 AM
   Excellent source of reference! Thanks for your service...

Linda  2/6/99  12:06:58 AM
   Hi, I'm a new teacher to Adult Basic Education (ABE). I've taught other areas before but never this. I got asked to start a teaching job ASAP. This site saved my life

Carlos García Sánchez.  2/6/99  9:50:03 AM
    I consider this page one of the best in its speciality. I am an English teacher since 1983, I have been developing my performance through many forms of updating and I can say that to my own opinion wapping around the net is something that has me amazed. If there is any chance of improvements from us the viewers let us know in short. OK? Carlos.

Caye Bone  2/8/99  6:53:20 PM
   I use this site for my AP Comp class and I think it is a great resource. Thanks to all of you who help keep it up.

marybishop@zianet.com  2/9/99  10:09:14 AM
   It's STEPHEN King, not Steven King, in the section on italics.

Richard  2/9/99  1:57:49 PM
   You say, "Being careful to avoid sexist language should not lead one into silliness." Sorry, too late. The whole argument that calling a policeman a policeman is sexist is silly. The whole gender-neutral argument is an exercise in silliness, as is much of what is cussed and discussed in the world of academia.

Larry McMackins  2/10/99  12:04:45 PM
   Thank you for providing such a useful service.

Hillary Fisher  2/12/99  11:41:32 AM
   I just wanted to let you wonderful people know who great of a job you did on this web page! I love it!

Carmen de la Fuente  2/13/99  12:18:37 PM
   My question is about the genitive. I've checked several sources to find an answer, but it seems there are different opinions on the subject. Perhaps you can solve the mystery. Could you please tell me which of the following is correct? Charles's or Charles' If the correct form is Charles', how should I pronounce the ending? /z/ or /Iz/? Thank you. Carmen

T. Lock  2/13/99  1:06:11 PM
   A wonderful site for beginners to college level writers! Every teacher should have access to this site to enhance student learning!!!! Every parent should know about this site to help their children in the writing process! Thank you for a wealth of information!!!!!

Steve W.  2/15/99  6:28:28 PM
   Thank you for the excellent online resource. Keep up the good work.

Suree Tongpasert  2/16/99  12:22:49 AM

Shaira E.  2/18/99  2:08:31 AM
   Thanks for your help, it is a very good WEBSITE

London  2/18/99  1:30:09 PM
   This program is VERY helpful!!!

Michelle  2/18/99  1:32:56 PM

Steve Danaher  2/18/99  3:31:03 PM

mohamad  2/21/99  5:02:18 PM

linn cathrin  2/22/99  2:47:37 AM
   This is very good!!!

jeffrey vaulx  2/22/99  2:20:01 PM
   I'm really fascinated by the wonderful work(s) you've submitted on this web site.

Francisco J. Cosio-Marron  2/23/99  5:21:23 PM
   What an entertaining way to look at the English language.

Israel  2/23/99  7:11:40 PM

Matt Gossard  2/24/99  10:12:16 AM
   Hey everybody I hope you have a nice day.

Holly Hawkins  2/24/99  3:32:32 PM
   This website is AWESOME! I have never seen such a comprehensive grammer-based internet site! Thanks.

dilek uzgören/Turkey  2/24/99  6:15:37 PM

Luanne Sirsky  2/25/99  6:45:25 PM
   Thank you for creating a wonderful teaching tool.

Marie Krukowsk  2/26/99  10:18:27 AM
   I would like to learn how to use the grammer. I am not doing very good on English. I am very interesting to write a story and a letter to my friends. I would like to learn how to write a letter to my friends on my e mail.

Jackie  2/27/99  11:00:51 AM
   Thank you!

Lisa Gould  2/27/99  1:34:42 PM
   I like your page. It makes grammar bearable :-) I'll use your section on resumes as a guide when it comes time to rewrite my own.

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