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Here is the Guestbook for The Guide to Grammar and Writing
for March 1, 1999, to May 1, 1999:

Patricia Ginn  3/2/99  3:20:12 PM
   Great resource for my writing classes. Thanks!

Jesse Crowson  3/7/99  2:43:33 AM

F. William Graf  3/7/99  2:52:52 PM
   Thank you for providing this excellent resource! When writing for business or pleasure, I often have come across a question regarding proper grammar and have been at a loss. In just the few minutes I took reviewing this website, I have gained a better understanding of several grammatical rules. Thank you!!!

Jami Frank  3/7/99  7:47:47 PM
   This is the best grammar site on the Internet!!! I was so pleased with it that I spent my entire Sunday taking the quizzes. Great job.

Mark Foster (write_to_mark@yahoo.com {should you care to})  3/9/99  4:01:14 PM
   Your Grammar quiz question that has a committee returning "their four reports" seems to me to require some interpretation. If the committee is composed of four members, each of whom is invited to produce a version of the report, then I am in agreement with your position that "their" is the preferred pronoun. But suppose the committee comprises seventeen members who must produce a total of four versions. Then I think that "the committee handed in ITS four reports" sounds better. The use of "their" seems to be based on the fact that the committee members are working on their own and that the number of reports and members is equal. If the four reports are a group product, let us have "committee" be a collective noun.

Jonas Myron Motes Junior  3/10/99  4:02:12 PM
   I found the quizzes boring and no fun what so ever

mark smith  3/10/99  4:05:50 PM
   this stuff is really cool

Jonas Myron Motes Junior  3/10/99  4:06:22 PM
   I found your sight quite fun and iunteresting but i never will go to this site again cosidering that i don't care about english

Bharti  3/11/99  12:04:22 AM
   Your website on english grammer is really good. It is very helpful for those students who wantes to teach english. Thanks

L. Linkels  3/11/99  7:13:13 AM
   I like the site very much and I am sure will use parts of it during my teacher teaching practise. Thank you.

Kristin Hughes  3/11/99  10:20:56 AM

Charles S. Myers, Jr.  3/12/99  6:28:44 AM
   Excellent web page on a greatly needed subject. Thank you very much for your effort in creating and maintaining this web site.

gail staggs  3/12/99  2:15:01 PM

Fatima  3/12/99  4:26:43 PM
   I am taking Writing III and I have to write essays, this site will help a lot with all problems that I may have and is going to improve my writing skills, thanks.

Jessica Parker  3/13/99  6:51:54 PM
   Hey, this place is very cool and I am not leaving yet. But you should put stuff for 7th graders for they can study for finals

Warren Go  3/13/99  11:20:10 PM
   A very good webpages for grammar especially students need help for grammar use like me. I would thank those who made this grammar site.

ana carolina  3/14/99  11:42:47 AM

Karen  3/15/99  12:24:02 PM
   What a fantastic site! I visit this site often and find it very informative. It is definitely one of my favorite places to visit.

TASHA PEETE  3/15/99  10:29:36 PM
    Thank you so much for designing a web site that has so much grammar information on it. I used it while I was in college as an English major, and I continue to use it as an English teacher. It is very helpful to me and my students. Again, thanks, and I will continue to use this web site and tell others about it. Sincerely, Tasha Peete

Himar Hernandez  3/16/99  10:48:31 AM

Dr. Suess MD  3/16/99  2:50:19 PM
   Very Lovely site! Very Commendable! :o)

gail staggs  3/16/99  8:30:04 PM
   I need help with my grammar and I think you can help me with it. Thank you very much.

Todd  3/17/99  3:55:14 AM
   I have found this to be the best site on the net for Grammar. This site has helped me to improve on English composition. THANKS!

Kristy McCracken  3/17/99  12:48:21 PM
   Excellent site for Language Arts.

CHARLIE  3/18/99  1:35:51 AM

daniel  3/19/99  1:19:42 PM
   this is really cool and it helps me out a lot
thanks for creating it

Anonymous  3/22/99  2:32:48 PM
   Hello thank you for giving us Haltom High School students the opportunity to use this website that enlightens us in the category of Grammar and Writing. This has helped me and many other high school students achieve the goals of our English teacher. Thank you again for making this a fun and helpful experience. 15/f

Crystal  3/22/99  2:48:32 PM

Ted Schirmer  3/23/99  9:41:34 PM
   I am 51 years ago, licensed to practice law in two states, and I can only write and spell on a 6th or 7th grade level. I have been looking for web sites to help me finally learn English when I found yours. I have just started on it, but it looks like a good site. I am not sure how to go about the task but I am going to try taking it a little at a time. I will try to keep you up dated on my progress. Thanks for the great web site.

teenalim  3/23/99  11:57:13 PM

Chaos  3/24/99  3:15:39 AM
   Chaos will destroy your Site if you don't !SURRENDER! SUCKER

shiau  3/24/99  4:46:15 AM

Sara  3/24/99  2:41:23 PM
   Thanks for the great site! Several people I work with don't understand sentence structure and punctuation. I've told them about this site, and hopefully we will soon be seeing results!

mud  3/24/99  10:36:40 PM
   it is great

ling ei kwuong  3/25/99  2:02:31 AM
   can you tell me what the meaning and when i have to use these words? (bruises,motorist,victim,drowsy,injuries,vision & visibility)

Jocelyn  3/25/99  7:42:52 AM
   i really enjiy reading this hp.It teaches us throughly. as a englisg-as second-language speaker,it's very difficult to write and to write and speak well.i think the best method to write well is to do more compositions and learn from mistakes. Maybe u can add a colume on a english composition contest, and let foreign students to submit their work. It will help a lot if u can also correct their mistakes, and post it n net so that everyone can learn from it. I really want to improve my english writing skills,and i felt like this is the best english teaching web site on the net!

Wen Scottwatt  3/27/99  8:29:07 AM
   This website is definitely a very good site on the net. The English resource is comprehensive. It will be a great help to improve my English and for my students as well. Thanks.

Christi  3/29/99  8:48:46 AM
   I really enjoy this web site. It helps me tremendously when I write papers in college.

Monica  3/30/99  10:50:57 AM
   Thanks for the great web site! It's very helpful! It would be even better if there were more ESL materials; that's just a suggestion. Thanks! =)

Matt  3/31/99  9:29:19 AM
   A great way to use class time!

Lee O'Neal  3/31/99  2:56:37 PM
   How do you properly cite a web page in a bibliography? Thank you.

jane palik  3/31/99  5:57:33 PM
   Hi, I've been looking for "someone" like you! This is the best English grammar site on the Internet. Thank you for this terrific resource.

ashley  4/1/99  3:49:13 PM

Ximena Escuder  4/3/99  4:55:04 PM
   I think it´s a great idea to make this web page. I remember you all as wonderfull people! Be good :)

Joseph Arthur Hanshe Esq.  4/4/99  8:32:45 AM
    Many of the attorneys in our firm, and at the local bar association, use this site as a resource to improve their communication skills. Thank you. Joseph Arthur Hanshe Esq.

Angela Perolini  4/4/99  4:42:02 PM
   A super Idee and great to use!! Thank you

Cynthia Martin  4/5/99  12:09:17 AM
   I think this site is wonderful and a valuable resource. Thank you

James O'Brien  4/5/99  1:53:02 PM
   Great, great, great web site. I'm taking a course on Grammar at Harvard University Extension School, and am finding this web site very fun and useful. The section on Essay writing is also great! I informed my professor about this web site. Thank you, Professor Darling for this great resource. --Jim jobrien@fas.harvard.edu

Erin Heid  4/5/99  9:52:17 PM
   Great review for brushing up skills for when I go to college and for taking SAT's and other College tests.

Sharon  4/6/99  12:59:57 PM
   Your program is very useful to me as a student. I wonder, do you have some lessons about "Toefl" for "vocabulary and grammer" for us? If you do, can you please put it on this program and E-mail to me after you put it on, thank you. I really love this program as a home schooling because I learn a lot from here.

Tonya Nathan  4/6/99  4:30:47 PM
   I am a home school mother we love your site. My children have learned a lot. Keep up the good work.

Ron McAlister  4/7/99  1:22:30 AM
    I just found your page and I'm sure my grandchildren will benefit from this. I skimmed through some of it and I wish it had been available 55 yrs ago. I'm going to forward this to a lot of people.

Debbie Haney  4/8/99  11:15:50 PM
   This website is wonderful! I am taking an English Composition course in college and have forgotten a lot of grammar rules. I was very happy to find such a helpful website.

Agnes  4/12/99  9:24:49 AM
   This is really a great homepage that it teaches grammar clearly to those who are not sure about how to use grammar accurately! I will introduce this homepage to my friends so that more can visit this homepage to have a look at it and be more confident to use words and to write sentences accurately!

sarah marquez  4/12/99  1:13:07 PM
   It's great! Thanks for the wonderful help!

Ron Webster  4/13/99  9:31:54 AM
   Your site is wonderful! I use it in my freshman English course, and students find it extremely helpful. Thank-you for all the time and effort you put in to this wonderful tool! rwebster@outland.dtcc.edu

Craig Walters  4/13/99  10:51:24 AM
   I found this website completely boring, but i applaud you on your effort thank you sooo much craig

Eric Sribnick  4/13/99  10:55:58 AM
   With as much of a focus on buisness as there is on the internet, it is nice to see that you, sir, have created a web page which is both useful and free. Thank you for your hard work! Eric

Deborah R. Frederick  4/14/99  12:07:50 AM
   I am in a class conducted by Dr. Jim N. Black. His direction led me to this website. I expect to use it frequently. Many thank-yous.

Vincent Lobrigo  4/14/99  1:15:01 PM
   Really cool website! I'm very happy and proud to say that you've done the right thing. It really helps me a lot. Keep-up the good work! Thank you and GOD bless.

Matthew Miller  4/15/99  11:02:06 AM
   Seems like a useful site for teachers. Thanks, Grammar! P.S. Are you the Grammar who got run over by a reindeer, coming home from our house Christmas Eve? You may say there's no such thing as Santa, but as fer me and Grandpaw, we believe -- or was that some other Grammar?

Mortimer Snerd  4/15/99  11:09:13 AM
   Hi, Grammar English! Love your site. It is very useful. You must be the Grammar in that poem, "Do you herd sheep?" my Grammar cried -- My Grampar leaped in fright -- "That Grammar's wrong," to me he sighed -- "Have you heard sheep" is right. Keep the good work! (apologies to Walt Kelly)

Sharon Priest  4/15/99  11:10:57 AM
   I am a "non-traditional" student in a small university in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. My transfer credits of twenty years old were accepted by the school, imagine my surprise! So I knew that I would need a refresher course to come up to speed to pass the Praxis next year, this site is the answer to my prayers. Thank you for having this site. Sincerely, Sharon Priest

Carrie Gagnon  4/15/99  3:21:39 PM
   I am trying to find an example of an "Active Speech" for a college paper. Please help.

MARASTELA GUTIERREZ  4/15/99  8:05:29 PM

RACHEL B. PEREZ  4/15/99  8:07:33 PM

DENISE ORTEGA  4/15/99  8:09:48 PM

Laurie Fox  4/15/99  9:51:14 PM
   Had fun reading the comments on writing by other writers.

taner aktafl  4/16/99  5:59:09 AM

M†RAY MUTLU  4/18/99  10:13:32 AM

Joy Knohr  4/19/99  2:00:39 PM
   I really like your Web Site ! Thanks for thinking that grammar is important.

Erin Heid  4/19/99  6:56:21 PM

Janice Cosner  4/20/99  8:41:24 AM
   A truly wonderful resource site. I will refer this to all teachers who have students writing in their classes (gee, could this be all teachers?). This site can benefit everyone...not just students in high school or college, but anyone who writes.

Jeremy And Kimberly Dowling  4/20/99  2:12:57 PM
   I just want to say that Me and Kimmie (kimberly) Are just like this book, We are the best oh yes we are the best!

Toni B.  4/20/99  3:06:32 PM
   I was pleased to find this site. This will help my son who is writing reports in the 3rd grade. And myself. Please keep it available for us to use. Thank you.

serena  4/21/99  1:31:55 PM
   Really COOL & FANTASTIC site !!!!!!!!!

jason grezenski  4/22/99  1:12:13 PM
   once when i was playing pool with a friend i shot the ball and he said i had to much english on it what does that mean?

Josh Lee  4/22/99  7:40:42 PM
   This is a great site and it will help me tremendously with my English

Marie Bone  4/23/99  5:02:33 PM
   Thankyou for making this site available.

Dawn Lee  4/25/99  7:08:15 AM
   Excellent work! I'll definitely pass this page on to my colleagues and friends.

ziggy  4/25/99  10:55:13 PM
   This is a great reference site!!!!

Eckbert Hugenotte  4/26/99  9:02:42 AM

wichser  4/26/99  9:04:51 AM

Cathryn ECabell  4/27/99  1:29:37 AM
    Hello, I wanted to thak you for the help that you gave me.I'am a 30 years old and going back to get my GED.

justin  4/27/99  11:15:00 AM

Jackie Damrau  4/27/99  2:15:10 PM
   I have been searching for definitive information on the good or bad usage of possessives. My boss is telling me that they are not appropriate to use in a user's manual. Your page on Possessive Forms is just what I need to convince him that one can use possessives to get the point across. Thanks for the reference.

Tshering Wangdi  4/27/99  2:41:32 PM

Kevin T. McGing  4/28/99  12:57:14 PM
   I think this is probably the most valuable website on the Internet.

Janeen Wagemans  4/28/99  10:12:38 PM
   Hi, Excellent page! I hope you don't mind that I've added a link to your page for my HS English students.

Barry M. Ho  4/29/99  10:44:12 AM
   Fabulous idea. This web site is a great resource for grammar. I'll be using it regularly, and recommending to many others. Great stuff!

PAOLA MEJIA  4/29/99  12:53:39 PM

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