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Here is the Guestbook for The Guide to Grammar and Writing
for May 1, 1999, to July 15, 1999:

emily  5/1/99  11:18:00 PM
   please diagram and label parts: It is well known that students perform significatnly worse in poorly ventilated rooms.

Heidi Schmidt  5/3/99  9:49:30 AM
   I found this site to be very helpful in writing my paper for English. I will return with my further questions.

crystal  5/5/99  2:15:07 PM
   welcome to Haltom City.!!!!!!!1

Diter Muller from Germany  5/7/99  7:30:05 AM

jy  5/10/99  11:35:55 AM

john  5/10/99  11:38:33 AM
   this is a very cool site i like it a lot

John Doe  5/10/99  11:38:55 AM
   Thanks a lot! The quizzes are a little hard, but after a while, they got easier!

joe  5/10/99  11:39:07 AM
   these hrer darn quiuzes arr vary diffacilt i gat a A an engls evry day

Susie  5/10/99  11:40:34 AM
   This is cool

john  5/10/99  11:40:53 AM
   We use this site a lot in our school i like it. Our teacher likes it the most.

joe (the second)  5/10/99  11:42:20 AM
   we use this site quite a bit in Eglish class so make the quizes easier

Shannon Calvin  5/10/99  2:52:04 PM
   Your web page stinks. I hate it. Make something less boring.

Pete Marcoux  5/10/99  3:06:58 PM
   Thanks for a great site Dr. Darling. In a great twist of fate, I once worked at CCTC for Nancy Caddigan in the ESL lab. I'm now teaching at two Los Angeles area colleges and am using your page as a prescriptive resource for my students. Thanks for the hard work. Good luck!

Rebecca Pollan  5/10/99  10:40:45 PM
   I am so thankful that I found this website! It is hard to help your child with their homework and check it for accuracy when you need a refresher course yourself and they forget their book. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be back here often I'm sure.

EILEEN  5/11/99  3:38:20 PM

Paulette  5/11/99  9:18:45 PM
   Hello! I am an ESL teacher and your site is great!! It has helped me out often in verifying grammar rules and getting inspiration to teach it!! Keep up the good work!

Sammy  5/16/99  12:21:44 PM
   The English language has been very good to me. Thank you

dulce  5/17/99  12:57:16 PM

Neaners  5/17/99  1:43:55 PM
   This is a cool section on theinternet and helps you to learn grammar. Hope you can try to do just as good as I did!

junhee  5/19/99  1:36:17 AM
   I want to study English in this site. but, I don't know where to start, and how to start.... so help me..please..bye

Mario  5/19/99  9:48:01 AM
   This is the best web page I ever visited. I like your stile and the contents of it. I am student here in Canada and learning English as my second language. Belive me it is not so easy. That is the reason I come here more often to check rules and all things what I need. My classmates also like your page. Continue to work like this and I hope that you will improve later. Sorry if I have (and I know I have) grammatical mistakes, but I am only on beginner level here. Byeeeeee...

Aaron  5/19/99  11:17:39 AM

Kari O'Donnell  5/19/99  3:02:26 PM
   I think this is cool. it has helped me

John Richards  5/20/99  6:10:42 PM
   I really appreciate this website. I proofread as a hobby, and I use this page as one of my main references. Thanks.

Brandon Maruca  5/20/99  7:37:20 PM

Dr Sethuraman K.R.  5/21/99  1:36:13 AM
   Dear Sir/Madam, Your web site is extremely user friendly and useful. Thanks a lot. It will be nice if you could let us download the lessons first, study it off-line and then do interactive quiz on-line.

Josh Foster  5/24/99  10:15:35 AM
   I am a student at Roosevelt High school in Sioux Falls South Dakota. I am a Sophmore in Mrs. Pilcher's English 2 Period 1 class. We're studying for our semester test using your program. Thanks! Josh

David  5/24/99  10:18:10 AM

JAY  5/24/99  10:25:13 AM

Travis  5/24/99  1:33:17 PM
   It was neat!

bill  5/25/99  3:34:25 PM
   hola, no habla ingles. no comprehendo. Habla espanol por favor. gracias. adios.

LESTER  5/25/99  3:37:49 PM
   this site helped me a lot. thank you so much. i am now a 4.0 insted of a 2.5. thanks again.

stephanie kowallski  5/25/99  3:43:55 PM
   this program is very helpful in my intinative to learn outside the classroom. thank you for creating this wunderful and invetive website. this is going to help me in the long run. Also, my pupils think that this program is "gay". But, I tell them that they are wrong. My classmates just don't understand the importance of this learning experience. Also, I would one day also like to become a helpful educator like yourself. I certanly appreciate the thought of how much work you really put into this webpage. I would like to thank you once again for this great learning tool. Kathy Schrook you are my inspiration to live and learn more outside the classroom. I think that in the future of learning that you have extented the learning and the teaching of educators. Also, I would like to say that you are on the right path to education in the future of learning.

joey  5/25/99  3:46:19 PM
   hi i go to clark school and i have a good education. this site helped me a lot. it's the coolest!!!!

Kevin Stone  5/25/99  4:36:33 PM
   A wonderful site! I am going to start referring my high school English students to your on-line quizzes for remedial help. I love the way everything is categorized.

Luke Reifler  5/25/99  8:40:24 PM
   I wish to thank you for this fantastic website. It is both well presented and contains excellent content. Thank you, keep up the great work.

jaymie  5/27/99  3:20:48 PM
   I want to give a shout out to all my friends at clark high school.

frydaddy  5/28/99  11:37:19 AM
   I like toast

Shirley Uphouse  5/30/99  8:02:25 AM
   I try to set aside about 20-30 minutes each week to spend on this site brushing up on my grammar. Thank you for your very inclusive site.

MARIANELA VARGAS  5/30/99  9:35:41 PM

Linh  5/31/99  2:13:04 AM

RIMA  5/31/99  10:02:36 AM

Heidi  6/3/99  4:01:31 AM
   Greetings from Denmark. And thank you for a very useful and user-friendly site. Keep up the good work :)

Linda  6/5/99  12:10:24 AM
   Thanks for a wonderful site!

Kenneth Velez  6/7/99  8:51:45 AM

sharon naor  6/7/99  7:33:52 PM

Denise Hawley  6/8/99  8:48:38 PM
   I am making a annotated bibliography for future guides for writing. This is the Best Site I have found!

Karen Oliver  6/9/99  10:15:22 AM
   Thanks so much for your easy to read and easy to understand explanations and examples!

Jae Kim  6/10/99  4:02:37 PM
   It's great and helpful. Thanks a lot!!!

Bernice Cobbs  6/11/99  9:59:07 AM
   I am a fifth grade teacher in Virginia. I am sure this webpage is helpful to all who visit. Thanks

VICTOR PAREDES  6/17/99  7:05:43 PM
   This information is very interesting, I hope can improve my English.

Catherine Hodgins  6/17/99  8:50:36 PM
   Congratulations to everyone involved with this website! I am a third year university student from Melbourne Australia. My Public Relations Lecturer referred us to this website and I must say I was very impressed. It will certainly be added to my favourites. I am currently studying a degree in Communications and a degree in Tourism at Monash University. Keep up the good work...

Kathy  6/18/99  10:38:26 AM
   Thanks for this wonderful site! I have a new favorite to often visit now.

ngotuananh  6/20/99  8:48:45 PM

Doratee101@aol.com  6/21/99  9:07:41 AM
   Which of the following two sentences is grammatically correct: Mary has wanted to be a lawyer since she was 3 years old. Mary had wanted to be a lawyer since she was 3 years old.

Kelly Hauck  6/21/99  6:32:02 PM
   This site is an excellent resource for my students as follow up practice after in-class grammar intstruction. I have also had some of my accelerated students visit the site to learn a little on their own. They have come back to class to share their new found knowledge with other students too!

MARQUISHA MOSLEY  6/22/99  7:49:35 PM

 6/23/99  10:54:21 AM

Jodi  6/23/99  9:19:35 PM
   This is one of the best pages on English grammar and writing I have ever visited. I will soon begin tutoring a student in English, and your site has been a great help. Thanks and keep up the good work! =)

Ron England  6/24/99  3:12:06 AM
    I've just taken one of your quizzes on pluralization and possession. Some of the 'correct' answers were either erroneous or questionable (using your recommended dictionary as the authority). Your web site is enjoyable and stimulating. I look forward to taking some of your other quizzes.

Joshua anderson  6/24/99  7:44:08 PM

John Korey, Cal Poly Pomona Poli Sci  6/25/99  1:11:19 AM
   Outstanding resource! I've added a link to it on our "toolbox" page at http://www.class.csupomona.edu/pls/toolbox.htm.

ian lumley  6/27/99  6:14:25 AM
   What a wonderful, wonderful, site. Thank you from a very mature student.

Jean BABA  6/27/99  6:55:41 AM
   I am French and started to study English two years ago. During this time I didn't find a book nor grammar materials as so helpful as your site. I would like to thank you for such a very highly qualified interesting material. I hope many people recommand the use of this site to thier friends who are studying English grammar. At the same occasion let me to tell you that it could be more helpful if you can offer the same material on the CD. Especially for whom the accessibility to the internet is difficult. With many thanks and my heartfelt congratulation for your work.

Meann Canada  6/27/99  8:59:49 PM
   Hi! It's great that I found this site... it's very nice and I hope to learn a lot here. I'll come back soon :) Keep it up!

Winit Red  6/28/99  11:15:25 AM
   This is a great site. I love it.

Marrick McD  6/29/99  6:10:21 PM
   I am a junior high English teacher and am very impressed with the things that I saw on this website. I am definitely bookmarking this website for my students

Melissa  7/1/99  4:44:33 PM
   This web site has gave me all the information I have been looking for for over a week and a half. It has helped me with everything that I need to finish studying for my G.E.D. It's great !!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks Melissa

Lasantha Pethiyagoda  7/2/99  2:00:58 AM
   Full marks to Professor Darling and the folks at Merriam Webster for the very socially responsible and noble efforts to educate the world in the use of proper English. This will surely help millions of users worldwide to master the truly global language of the future. I have the highest regard for those who contribute their energies towards compiling and maintaining this valuable web-site. My best wishes. Lasantha Pethiyagoda, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

A quick note: Although Merriam-Webster's has kindly granted us permission to cite their online dictionary within our pages, The Guide to Grammar and Writing has no other relationship, official or unofficial, with Merriam-Webster's. Thank you for your message.

william daily  7/3/99  11:01:59 AM

Joyce  7/4/99  7:42:23 AM

Marilyn Ford  7/5/99  7:45:03 PM
   Very helpful. Thanks.

Tiffany  7/6/99  12:40:46 PM
    This website has answered my questions and helped me a lot with writing sentence fragments. I will return.

Eric  7/6/99  7:06:40 PM
   I really love the way all that the frames are linked together and I found that this web site's articles are quiet useful. I will show this site to all my friends. One last comment: I wish that if it has more things on writing skills.

Sharon K. O'Roke  7/8/99  10:49:50 AM
   Hooray! I teach legal research and writing at Oklahoma City University,and have been looking for a good website that students can use for grammar review. Your site looks great, works great, and delivers. Sharon K. O'Roke Director, Legal Research & Writing Oklahoma City University School of Law soroke@lec.okcu.edu

takeshi  7/8/99  1:01:16 PM

Gwen  7/13/99  6:47:11 PM
   I find the site very helpful and I enjoy taking the quizzes.

Oksana  7/13/99  7:40:54 PM
   Very good site. Thank you very much.

Ray Marshall  7/14/99  2:18:17 PM
   Love your page. Took me an hour to find it, though. Oops, I see I have two incomplete sentences there. I am just finishing my first short. It has been almost 50 years since grade school when I last had to write fiction. I was confused about writing fiction, especially the use of quotation marks. On your page, I found what I needed very quickly. You should find someone to publicize your page. It is far and away the best I have seen for tips on English usage. Ray Marshall Minneapolis

yuri hernandez  7/14/99  10:19:15 PM

June Burke  7/15/99  10:40:32 AM
   Great Site! Many thanks for all of your hard work!

H. Huijnen  7/15/99  6:13:10 PM
   This is indeed a splendid idea! Writing a foreign language is -for me- a hard and difficult job, so your advise and help is badly needed and more then welcome. Maybe you can find a way to make producers of editor-programs (not just "word" please!) integrate this helpfull knowledge into their products. THANKS! Greetings, H. Huijnen, The Netherlands. general@huijnen.demon.nl

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