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Arden Thomas  7/16/99  12:47:47 PM
   I'm teaching a grammar course for the first time and I've been dreading Monday's arrival for weeks now! However, after reading your site I've actually become excited about learning and teaching grammar! Unbelievable. Thank you for such a thorough, eminently readable, and interesting site!

Sanova  7/20/99  7:15:07 PM
   This website has been an extreme help to me. I wish I had known about this website long time ago. I thank my teacher for introducing your website to our class.

William J. Owens  7/23/99  6:47:02 PM
   The Grammar pages are astounding. I'd like to call it a refresher course, but I am finding things I should have learned years ago. This is a remarkably helpful resource for any and every writer. I have written several books of non-fiction, and possess a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern. Perhaps I should be ashamed of myself, but I do seem to write correctly even if I don't know why. Bill Owens, Santa Barbara, CA.

Mrs. Coleman  7/25/99  2:23:06 PM
   I'm very glad I found this website. As an adult education instructor (literacy and GED preparation), I plan on using this site often and recommending it to my students. Thank you!

ALI SALEEL  7/26/99  11:01:34 AM
   One of the best sites I've ever seen

belinda tandara  7/27/99  12:42:45 PM
   Dear Sir/Madam I am very impressed by your web-page. It is the best one I've seen so far. Thank You Belinda Tandara E-mail-btandara@hotmail.com

john.a.kerr@boeing.com  7/28/99  6:55:57 PM
   I have bookmarked this site. So much has changed in twenty-two years. John Kerr HSTC Class of 1977.

Trevor Collict  7/28/99  9:59:22 PM
   Excellent site! I found precisely what I was looking for and was answered in plain English. Thank you for the help.

Eleanor  7/29/99  9:50:55 AM
   This is a terrific site. I'm sure that I will refer to this site a lot in the coming months. Thank you for taking the time to put it together.

L.Karen  8/1/99  9:47:40 AM
   Very good site!! It can help me to inprove my English! Thanks a lot!!

Tin Huynh  8/3/99  1:00:48 AM
   It's an excellent site. Thank you for your good work

Raymond Haan  8/3/99  2:20:01 PM
    This is a splendid site. Its enormous resources proved most helpful to me, as did the personal response from Dr. Darling. Many thanks and best wishes.

mineimi  8/8/99  10:38:17 AM
   I love this page. I am a non-native english learner and I really find these page wonderful. It teaches me many new terms that my teachers haven't tell me yet. I hope you can keep it up! and very sincerely I hope that some long pages can be downloaded in a zip file so that I don't have to spent too much time opening the internet. It's costing a lot nowadays.

Craig  8/9/99  7:16:01 AM
   This page was suggested to us by the lecturer of our communications course. I have found it very helpful. This page has helped me in my preperation for a test tomorrow. Great page keep it up. :)

Jean Goldsmith  8/11/99  10:57:04 AM
   This is an excellent web site!

Yan  8/11/99  11:55:35 AM

Dan Danforth  8/12/99  12:40:17 PM
   I teach English at a technical college and this web site is extremely useful. I believe, and I have been wrong before, but I believe that this organization is far more intuitive than most grammar texts and reference books. Thank you.

Heather C.  8/14/99  7:01:31 PM
   Thank you so much for creating this web site. On Monday I'm going to tell my high school students about it. Maybe they'll see that grammar can be explained easily and that it isn't as bad as it seems.

Kathleen Brouder  8/16/99  5:07:48 PM
   Your site is useful, easy to navigate, and fun to use! Bravo!

Jennifer N  8/17/99  6:01:42 PM
   Hi, I found this site when I was searching for 'Grammar Review' on the www.google.com site. It was at the very top so I thought it must of been very good. And when i checked it out i was right. This site has helped me a lot when I was studying for my exam at the end of the year. I would just like to say Thank You to the one who created this page Because I know it has helped me and a lot of people who are struggling with English Grammar.

Rachel Amato  8/18/99  2:19:27 PM
   Since Internet is a capitalized word, should intranet and extranet be capitalized as well, especially if they are in the same sentence?

yavuz  8/19/99  3:34:02 AM

ENS  8/19/99  9:50:00 PM
   Under "Ask Grammar!" is written "Questions without home-town and email address might be ignored." It's "hometown" and "Questions without...addresses...."

sssplus2@aol.com  8/21/99  2:34:25 PM
   I will be returning to this page often.

Ralph V. Warth  8/21/99  9:42:37 PM
   Great idea. A great resourse for would be writers.

Leroy Williams  8/25/99  2:52:49 PM

Becki  8/25/99  7:33:08 PM
   Thank You!

sunshine  8/26/99  10:26:30 AM
   good work liked your site keep it up I especially liked your quizes have fun! Don't get in way over your heads though. Ha ha

Betsey Gomez  8/26/99  11:22:53 AM
   Outstanding! I intend to share this site with my friends, family and classmates. What a wonderful resource.

Cassey McKinney  8/26/99  2:03:32 PM
   this is a great program

amanda stull  8/26/99  2:05:42 PM

askinsjm@hotmail.com  8/27/99  10:23:46 AM
   Ok! Your site is wonderful and I am grateful that it exists. It is also interface-rigid, reminding me of my grandmother who must be present during the execution of any household chore she has requested. Is the term "workaholic"? The enquirer must go through the site directly each time there is a new enquiry. This is in contrast to being able to down- load to disk complete contents (so less time online which means our phone line isnt tied up for prospective employers) Thank You, Respectfully JA

Brandon Thompson  8/27/99  12:01:36 PM

KATIE HUGHES  8/28/99  10:38:51 PM

Donna  8/29/99  3:24:16 PM
   I live in Canada and would like to know what the difference in spelling words (ex: color / colour. I was taught in a Canadian school to spell it colour. Is this correct?

Judy Ignasiak  8/31/99  6:38:57 AM
   This site is totally awesome! I'll spread the word to other teachers! Thanks for all the time and effort that went into putting this site on the web. It's invaluable!

sunsu79  8/31/99  11:01:13 PM

Woosoon  8/31/99  11:03:09 PM
   I think this web page is great. It helped my students in the class. I'm teaching a class which is named as computer communication English. I don't know if this is a right name or not. Anyway, thank you very much for your help!!!

sangmin  8/31/99  11:03:30 PM
   Thank you ! Good luck to you!

Ruth Wilson  9/1/99  7:48:25 PM
   I LOVE your website! It's the best review of english grammar & usage I've found. The quizzes and links are especially helpful. Very well-designed and easy to navigate. I've let everyone at work know about it. Thank you!

Jennifer M.  9/2/99  7:02:00 PM
   I love this. it is so helpful. I'm glad someone thought of this. You did a great job. Keep up the work.

EGP  9/4/99  3:44:54 AM

Patricia Galea  9/4/99  9:41:21 AM
   Thank goodness someone is out there to tell us how to use our own language! The tired argument that convention assures consistency and clarity does not apply to many of the rules you lay down. Avoid the word got, a perfectly respectable word in British English?

Apart from inherent differences between writing and speech (context, cues, etc.), eventually the written word conforms to the spoken. When it doesn't, not only can writing sound quaint or affected, but clarity is eventually lost. I can't read Old English, can you?

Barbara...  9/5/99  2:30:22 PM
   My advanced ESL writing students in San Francisco will be using the internet this semester, so I've spent a lot of time searching for appropriate sites. This is indeed one of the best: it's neat and clean, friendly and meaningful. (Please keep it that way by not jamming too many variables in the form of links..just refine your own content.) NOTE TO READERS: Would anyone like an ESL penpal in San Francisco? Write to me at: writeyes@jps.net (Could the site add a section on penpals?)

Jessica Clower  9/8/99  12:24:24 PM
   This is a nice page. I use it when I need help with my english homework. -Jessica "PHS FRESHMAN"

Orlando Seppe Anisio  9/8/99  3:20:11 PM
   No comments !!! Just wonderful and very helpful .... Thanks a Lot .... Orlando - S"o Paulo - Brazil.

Jucilene  9/8/99  4:03:02 PM

Holly A. Shaw  9/9/99  9:54:45 AM
   Folks, Ask Jeeves! http://www.askjeeves.com/index.asp directed me to your site, and it's a terrific reference resource. Thanks for a very helpful site ... -Holly A. Shaw Orlando FL HollyAShaw@netscape.net

De Colby  9/11/99  10:34:30 PM
   Love your site, Grammar!

harry ellis  9/13/99  8:04:33 AM
   how fascinating !!!! can you clarify, the difference between a columnbarium and a columnbary ?

Susil pathirana  9/13/99  8:52:53 AM
   iam english grammer studant plese halp me

Frances Zwiener  9/13/99  12:57:06 PM

Kimberly Cox  9/13/99  4:16:20 PM
   Wonderful tool for work and home.

Deborah G. Young  9/13/99  5:01:54 PM
   Does the PSC offer any grammar courses? I would love to an opportunity for hands-on exposure and experience in the fundementals grammar.

Angela Koller  9/13/99  6:42:08 PM
   I'm from Switzerland but at the moment I'am at TCU(Texas Christian University) to study english. That's the reason why I'm on this page. All this difficult things in english. Essay, Grammar.... Have a nice time

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Madonna  9/14/99  11:46:31 AM
   Um...Um...ya! Really really cool page...not!

Kristen Luke  9/14/99  4:05:16 PM
   u are the bomb biggety mrs uhlarik!!!!!!!! hukt on fonix reeelee wurkt fore mee???

Catherine Hebert  9/14/99  4:06:24 PM
   Hi Mrs. Uhlarik!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Elizabeth-9th hour  9/14/99  4:12:50 PM
   hey mrs. Uhlarik- this is GROOVY!!! see ya later!! :)

Elizabeth Sandoval  9/15/99  6:04:00 PM
   I'm very glad with this page, because it has help me very much with my english class. It's clear and easy understanding. tank you

susan  9/15/99  10:13:14 PM
   in the nortourious confusables section, you should explain why you have to use the words that are used

Roger Diotte  9/16/99  7:02:04 PM
   Wow what a wealth of information. If only I could remember all this information I'd surely impress my Professor. If your reading this note Gubby please consider that I am trying very hard to achieve proper "Action" verbs into my cover letter. Roger Diotte Computer Network Technician Sault College 1999

Brittani Oglesby  9/17/99  10:33:52 AM

2 goofy chicks  9/17/99  3:42:25 PM
   Hey how's life treatin' all yall out there? (silence)]