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Here is the Guestbook for The Guide to Grammar and Writing
for September 27, 1999, to October 31, 1999:

Peter Smith  9/29/99  12:20:49 PM
   I LOVE this web site! I have forwarded the link to just about everyone I know. I have used it several times already to answer questions about grammar. Thanks for making it available to the general online public!

Sabrina Siker  9/30/99  11:40:30 AM
   This Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley Andersen  9/30/99  11:43:34 AM
   HI mrs ashenfelter i didn't mean to lie i just really liked that gum well i have to go now this web site is cool!!!!!!!!!!:) :)D

KATIE SCHERER  9/30/99  11:46:55 AM

Jayme Pavel  9/30/99  12:10:43 PM
   This is fun stuff. I love English

Jillian Glover  9/30/99  12:12:43 PM

Jayme Pavel Waverly Nebraska  9/30/99  12:16:07 PM
   I thought this site was very different. I didn't think I would like this, but I did. I love English. English is my life. This couldn't get much better, not havin a car, a nice glass of milk and even if I feel a little frisky a pop at late night. Maybe a few cookies and my favorite pajamas. My mom sometimes gets mad at me for spendin so much time on this well gotta jet later peeps

Joe Kinney  9/30/99  12:20:29 PM
   I still can't believe how fun this is. I just can't get enough. i love this more than anything. I can't wait to visit it again

Brett Zelle  9/30/99  12:35:50 PM
   This is a good website for kids to learn grammar capitalization and spelling ext. I like it a lot

andrew casey  9/30/99  12:39:25 PM
   hey nice site.try putting in some fun games or something, though.

BEN BAWAZIR  9/30/99  3:28:17 PM
   THis is an interesting site i like it////

 9/30/99  3:28:38 PM
   Hi ally

justine fraser  9/30/99  3:29:32 PM
   hey peeps just thought i would say hello and that i saw this web site and it was good for me thanx love yall bye now

Andy Hopp  9/30/99  3:30:02 PM
   this is fun

Ally Kersten  9/30/99  3:30:15 PM
   Hi! This web site was ok. The quizes were kinda easy. HAVE FUN!! :)

Kim a.  9/30/99  3:31:18 PM
   Hey, I what's up. Your site was good. Thanks! Whatever, Kim

D'bert Harris  9/30/99  3:50:31 PM
   What a marvelous site. I am glad that it is available.

Crystal Sandlin  10/1/99  2:28:24 PM
   This is a great to get people to learn more about english. Even the people that may have not been able to get all of their schooling. keep up the great work. In Christ Name Crystal S. Sandlin

Jennifer Angus  10/2/99  7:05:49 AM
   This is best I have seen on English Writing etc to learn even counting books. In fact I was looking for my daughter as I teach her at home. Thank you.

Lisa W. (a mom)  10/3/99  7:15:07 AM
   With all the junk on the internet, it is great to see such a worthwhile, easy and fun to use site. Thank you!

michael  10/4/99  4:25:41 PM

~Dustin~  10/5/99  12:07:11 PM
   Hi Mrs. Jackson!

Kyle Johnson  10/6/99  9:07:04 AM
    It is great to have found this website. Thank you for producing it.

Tyler  10/6/99  5:11:49 PM
   This is a very cool site. I like it a lot.

Erica  10/6/99  6:16:39 PM
   Hi, our professor is making us do a Grammar on the web: A scavenger hunt.

Erick  10/6/99  6:28:25 PM

Carol McMurray  10/6/99  9:57:32 PM
   What a delightful page! As a high school English teacher, I'm delighted to find this source and will be telling my students about it tomorrow. I've "borrowed" the segment on passive voice to share with my own little "darlings" tomorrow, for the information there reinforces what I've been telling them for the last four essays. Perhaps the words of an authority will convince them! Thanks.

Brooke Domke  10/7/99  8:36:42 AM

Sascha Traitler Espiritu  10/7/99  7:33:22 PM
   iza good sight, u no. has helpt me preporing on my english examz.... Thanks for the help! By the way: you might want to put up some mind maps or diagrams as chapter headings to guide us readers.

CHAD PERSINGER  10/8/99  11:04:50 AM

david lee roth  10/8/99  2:52:38 PM

Patrick  10/8/99  9:12:35 PM

Larry Downing  10/9/99  11:16:23 AM
   I'm a technical writer by trade and I attempt to take documents created by others and turn them into something useful. After discovering your site my writing and style manuals sit on the shelf gathering dust. Your site is one of the very best resources on the Internet.

Vivian  10/9/99  8:03:35 PM
   Wow, this website have the quizzes that you can test yourself on, it even explains why you got it wrong! amazing!! thanks for making it and please NEVER take the website off! =)

PoetryGal  10/11/99  8:48:03 PM
   Hello, I stumbled onto this site and am very glad that I did. After years of ignoring writing rules and grammatical constructions, I find myself needing to pick them up again. This is one of the best sites I have seen to aid me in that process. Thank you for putting this wealth of knowledge info on the web with such easy access. Mindy

Bob Smith  10/12/99  9:25:13 AM

chris  10/12/99  9:30:10 AM
   This site is cool <:) ;? :o

ANA HERNANDEZ  10/12/99  9:23:31 PM

christina  10/13/99  3:53:22 AM

Monkey  10/13/99  11:24:52 AM
    |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| | (.) (.) | ( ) /. .\ ____________ |[][][][][][]| \ / \__________/ ( | ) \ | / \ | / \__|____/

LA  10/13/99  11:32:21 AM

nafesa jaaber  10/13/99  12:48:27 PM

Emily Dickinson  10/13/99  1:35:29 PM
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Ronald C. Boykins  10/14/99  3:12:55 AM

Paul  10/14/99  9:17:15 AM

DREW  10/14/99  10:15:10 AM

Shawn Morris, smorris@dwci.edu  10/14/99  11:55:02 AM
   To the authors and webmasters of these pages, On behalf of ESL faculty and students at my school, I would just like to express appreciation for all the hard work that went into creating this site. It is a tremendous resource! Sincerely,
Shawn Morris
Divine Word College
CALL Coordinator

Marena Veronica Fritzler  10/14/99  12:03:26 PM
   I think your program is good. I just think it needs better quizzes because they are not very fun and they need to be a little more interesting than just is the word spelt right or not. Make some so they are like you get something for getting them correct or gathering things up to get something.

Heloise Beauchamp  10/15/99  1:39:09 PM
   I think your site is wonderful, not only for kids, but for everyone. I will make sure I send this to all of my past english teachers. This can make their course a little more motivating and different. I especially like the idea of presenting Grammar rules on a PowerPoint Presentation. Good work... !!!

Josie Gillis  10/16/99  11:02:09 PM
   This site has helped a lot with English Grammar class.

jay robinson  10/18/99  2:01:25 PM

Dayle Lasso  10/18/99  6:08:54 PM
   I think this site is the coolest, it has helped me a lot!

Dr. Joe Davis  10/19/99  3:56:24 PM
   Great material here. Am using the grammar PowerPoint presentations in my Developmental English classes.

Scott  10/20/99  9:25:28 AM
   I really like this site it really helps me alot I even added it to my favorites list!!! It is a good site and I hope that there are more like it out there!! I would recomended this site to every one.

ace  10/20/99  9:43:22 AM

Frankinstein  10/20/99  9:47:08 AM
   This should be advertised on tv. You might get more people to come online.

Christopher Mulkey  10/20/99  10:10:03 AM
   I like it so far. :o)

Kim  10/20/99  7:06:53 PM
   this site is kewl at least now i know y i have a C average in reading/language~!!!

Rachel Goings  10/21/99  5:42:30 PM
   This web sit is going to help me so much with writing my essays for English class. Thank you so much for putting this together.

hoangloan  10/23/99  4:51:04 PM

max lora  10/25/99  10:55:01 AM

Liana  10/25/99  12:39:15 PM
   I thought this was really fun because of the quizzes.

Adams Sibley  10/25/99  3:08:05 PM
   I used this site for homework, and I think it works great and helps me out alot

Tanner Plucker  10/26/99  12:48:10 PM

tim bleigh  10/26/99  4:51:46 PM

JEROMIE OCAMPO  10/26/99  5:20:56 PM

APRIL GONZALEZ  10/26/99  5:26:08 PM

E. Cameron G. Smith  10/27/99  10:44:16 AM

Matt Hoffman  10/27/99  3:36:58 PM

Frederick C. King  10/27/99  3:44:43 PM
   I want to thank the teachers and other bodies that put this program together. As a young person that is a freshman in college, I have really made progress on my writing skills. I just want to encourage you to keep being an asset to the community around you and the world. May God bless you and thanks agian.

jj howell  10/28/99  11:53:45 AM

Patee Tintavee  10/28/99  11:39:09 PM
   Thanks for your effort to contribute such knowledge to peoples. I, one of the boys who lack of oppotunity to have much more English experiences. So,your webpage is valuable. Hopefully,you will carry on this invaluable effort for the chanceless. Thanks,

Tandra Reams  10/29/99  10:33:17 AM

Tandra Reams  10/29/99  10:34:15 AM
   This is a very educational site. Thanks to the people that made it possible.

laurie Schneider  10/29/99  2:39:06 PM
   I just love this book and Taylor University is the best college to go to. two of my good friends go there and they love it..expecialy the dead squirl on the side walk that eat the ice cream cone