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A common error is the confusion of accept with except and affect with effect.
ac-cept 1. to receive, esp. willingly 2. to approve 3. to agree to 4. to believe in 5. to agree to pay

ex-cept to leave out or take out; exclude Prep. leaving out; but Conj. were it not that; only if it were not for

  1. The whole army is out of step Fred.

  2. I'll no money from that cheapskate.

  3. Please this pot of Mama's chicken soup.

  4. It will cure anything flat feet.

  5. Rip could do anything make money.

  6. I had to a nasty insult.

  7. All the girls went to the game Mary.

  8. Howard could not the job.

  9. Every student volunteered to take the quiz Joe.

  10. I will your gift if you let me pay for my lunch.

    af-fect 1. to have an effect on; influence 2. to stir the emotions of 3. to like to use, wear, etc. 4. to make a pretense of being, feeling, etc.
    ef-fect 1. anything brought about by a cause; result 2. the power to cause results 3. influence. 4. meaning [spoke to this effect] 5. an impression made on the mind, or its cause 6. a being operative or in force 7. belongings; property to bring about; accomplish

  11. Television has its on public opinion.

  12. Kisses can my thinking, too.

  13. Soap advertisements don't Stinky.

  14. Falling on my head had a bad on my memory.

  15. Smog can your lungs.

  16. Study the laws of cause and .

  17. Slim tried to an escape through the ventilator.

  18. This salary cut may his living habits.

  19. The supply of a certain item may have an on the price.

  20. The of the speech was visible on the faces of the sleeping audience.

  21. The beauty of the scene will surely his indifference.

  22. We shall never know the full of the drink.

  23. The heavy snows will the first crops this winter.

  24. What kind of can this quiz have on your dinner tonight?

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