Catastrophes of Apostrophic Proportions

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This quiz was written by Rob Kyff, author of "Word Watch" for the Hartford Courant (16 January 2000).

For each hidden word within the text: click and hold on the box beside it and choose (by highlighting) one of the items in the list that pops up. Click on the "check answers" button to score the quiz; an "X" will appear next to each incorrect answer and a smiley face will appear next to each correct answer. The computer will also calculate the percentage of correct answers. You can redo the quiz until you get all the answers correct.

1. During the past few a worth of mail has equaled what is normally eight worth.

2. Though now named for the avenue on which located, sometimes referred to by old name.

3. The knowledge of the apostrophe was better than anyone , including the word .

4. These of mistakes involving are the bane of lives.

5. After giving her employer four notice of her departure, Jill received a salary and ten worth of paper clips.

6. stop at the house and greet all the

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