Identifying Basic Sentence Parts

The following exercise will work best when the browser's option to underline links is turned off. In the following sentences, certain words or sentence parts are italicized or written in ALL CAPS. When you move your mouse-cursor over each part, that part will be identified or defined in the text-area immediately below that sentence. Try to identify the sentence part before asking the computer to identify it for you.

Do not click on the links in the sentences in this box. They are not designed to take you anywhere.

1. The FIRST sentence CONTAINS only a few basic parts.

2. Many sentences contain only one independent clause, BUT compound sentences contain at least two independent clauses.
3. This INDEPENDENT clause CAN STAND by itself; HOWEVER, it IS nicely CONNECTED to another one just LIKE IT.
4. Although this clause contains a subject and verb, it cannot stand by itself BECAUSE it IS INTRODUCED by a subordinating word.
5. Trying to break that world record IS BECOMING an exhausting experience for the entire crew.
6. Intense and rumpled, her brow furrowed with anxiety, Josefina arrived at her first job interview.
7. Perplexed by a string of last-second losses, Coach Calhoun GAVE his assistants THE TASK of turning the team around.
8. After years OF FEELING ABUSED by his misuse OF POWER, the voters of this city HAVE CHOSEN to remove the mayor FROM OFFICE.

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