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Try to combine the following sentences into one effective sentence with only one independent clause. (Any exceptions to this requirement are noted as a hint.) When you've written your version in the text-area provided, click on Grammar's Version to see our attempt. If you come up with a better version, please let us know, using the ASK GRAMMAR form on the main page.

1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is a novel written by Ken Kesey.
Its protagonist is Randall Patrick McMurphy.
He pretends to be insane to escape a work farm.
He discovers he is now trapped in an asylum.
He shows other characters the truth of their situation.

2. Tiger Woods is the name of a young American golfer.
He set a record in the 1997 Master's Tournament.
He surprised all the veterans.
He was 22 at the time.

3. Ramonita Espinoza used to coach at Notre Dame University.
She now works at UConn.
She is the new soccer coach.

4. Ronald E. Pepin is a well known translator of medieval texts.
He has two honorary degrees from Fordham University.
He recently published his fourth book on ancient medical practices.
He was only forty-four years old at the time.

5. John F. Kennedy was inaugurated into office in January of 1961.
He was assassinated in November of 1963.
He spent only 1000 days in office.

6. Some students become nervous around computers
They are nervous around anything high-tech.
Other students seem to enjoy new challenges.
They regard learning how to use computers as a kind of game.
HINT: Use a semicolon in this re-write.

7. ER is my favorite television program.
ER is now in its third year.
It has won numerous Emmy Awards.

8. Lowell Weicker was once Governor of Connecticut.
He was leader of that state's American Party.
Weicker has long been known as a maverick among politicians.
He now teaches at the University of Virginia.

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