Verb Tenses and Sentence Order

A presence on the World Wide Web is now becoming an essential part of a college's public relations program. Three years ago not all colleges recognized the advantages of being on the web.

But we did not have the necessary support staff. Two years ago our college installed its first web server. Our Academic Technology Committee had decided to invest in the necessary hardware. So we recruited a full-time webmaster and tech-support people. Now all the components are ready for full usage of the World Wide Web.

The technology for creating web-pages, however, is becoming much easier to use. Faculty and students have been nervous about creating pages. Almost every faculty member and many students will soon have his or her own web-page.

WYSIWIG authoring tools have largely replaced cumbersome HTML editors. Writing HTML made web-page creation difficult in the past. Now anyone who can create a text document can create a decent and colorful web-page.

It is nice to know some basic HTML code to fix those mistakes. As a result, graphics end up in the wrong place and some text will come out the wrong color or size. Some of the new authoring tools make peculiar mistakes.