Recognizing Count and Non-Count Nouns [Logo]
In each space in the following sentences, indicate whether the noun preceding that space is a count noun (using the letter C) or a non-count noun (using the letters NC). Some of these words could be either count or non-count nouns, but you should determine how each is being used in the context of the sentence in which it appears. When you're finished, click on "submit application" at the bottom of the page and the computer will check your answers.

1. Jorge nc sent me information nc about Chilean wines c .

2. This restaurant c serves the best Thai food nc in the city c .

3. The traffic nc during rush-hour c is really horrible.

4. Can you give me advice nc about finding work nc in Portland nc ?

5. Most men c in my family c don't wear jewelry nc .

6. Soldiers c at the edge of town c stole all the equipment nc .

7. We need money nc to buy new furniture nc for our bedroom c .

8. Let's play some music nc .

9. The office c has its own stationery nc .

10. It takes a lot of patience nc to learn how to appreciate good wine nc .

11. We hold these truths c to be self-evident.

12. It's hard to discover the truth nc about this particular case.

13. For such large women c , the Klandutzy sisters c move across the dance floor c with astonishing grace nc .

14. It took great courage nc for Farboddy nc to admit to embezzling funds c from the bank c .

Count and Non-Count Nouns

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